Hey folks, here is a great refer your friend promotion from Starwood, called Share the Wealth.  Refer your friends to become a Starwood Preferred Member.  You will 1,000 bonus Starpoints® for each friend* who stays at least once from now until 15 February 2013 — with no limits on referrals or Starpoints.  Your friend will also receive 1,000 bonus Starpoints for each stay at any Starwood hotel or resort from now until 15 February 2013, up to a maximum of 5,000 Starpoints — along with all the benefits of SPG®.

If any of you haven’t joined Starwood Preferred Guest program, I’d be happy to refer you.  Then you can in turn refer all your friends and family.  Remember though, that you don’t earn any points unless the new member stays sometime between now  until 15 February 2013 and there is no limits on how many referrals or Starpoints you can earn.

OFFER LINK:  https://www.spgpromos.com/sharethewealth/

Feel free to email me if you haven’t joined and would like me to refer you.  Also, if you aren’t familiar with Starwood Properties and how luxurious many are, check them out here.  Starwood is my absolutely favorite loyalty brand and I’m always looking for more ways to earn Starwood points.  The number one way I earn Starwood points is of course not from staying the properties since that is always free or almost, but from the Starwood credit cards.  If you don’t have their credit card, it’s a must for sure.  I have both the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card and the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card and use them all the time.  The sign up bonus for each is currently 25,000 bonus points.  If you aren’t familiar with the value of Starwood points you might think that doesn’t seem like a lot but it is a very nice bonus.  The most I’ve ever seen offered was 30,000.  The best redemption value of Starwood points is the Cash & Points option.  This is where you use a smaller amount of points and a small amount of cash for say a category 5 room that would otherwise cost you a bundle.  I’ll give you a couple real world examples and show you the value. Here we go!

Le Méridien Vienna, Austria
 5 May 18,2013  245 Euro = $324  4,800 + $90 4.8 cents per point
($324-$90= $234/4800)
The Westin Palace, Madrid, Spain  5 April 7, 2013 261 Euro = $345  4,800 + $90 5.3 cents per point
Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Hawaii
 5 June 8, 2013 $350  4,800 + $90 5.4 cents per point
(350 -$90/4800)

These are just a few random examples I picked out to give you an idea of the dollar value of Starwood points.  There are many more even higher redemption values in different scenerios around the world.  Also, on of the best options with Starwood points is that you can transfer 20,000 Starwood points to 25,000 miles to the airline of your choice.  When you transfer 20,000 points Starwood give you a 5,000 mile bonus each time.  So if you were to sign up for two cards and receive 50,000 Starwood points and transfer them to an airline, the total would be 60,000 air miles.  I personal feel that the best use of Starwood points is for high end hotel accommodations though.  I really loved using some of my Starwood points this year to stay in the SLS Beverly Hills.  It was a fabulous category 5 property with all the glitz and glamore you could want.  You can read my review and trip report here

So bottom line, if you don’t know about Starwood, it’s a hotel brand you want to discover and start experiencing.  If you don’t have the credit card, it’s an easy way to start the experience.  If you figure that the 25,000 bonus Starwood points you’ll receive are worth 5 cents, that’s a pretty awesome $1,250 bonus. (25,000 points x .05 = $1,250).  I’m looking right now actually for a fabulous resort I can stay again next year with my hubby.  I save my Starwood points for my hubby and I. The kiddos don’t appreciate all the fluff, so we usually keep it to a basic crash pad without all the frills and use Priority Club (Holiday Inn) or Club Carlson points (Radisson/Radisson Blu), or an inexpensive Hilton property.  Why waste the points and luxurious you wouldn’t be enjoying.  Just food for thought!

Here is more details and the links for the Starwood cards.


  1. Did you read the T&C for this SPG offer? “Existing member must be a resident of mainland China in order to refer new members; new members must also be a resident of mainland China.” Thanks.

    1. @Bart – You are so right! How odd since I was emailed this offer from Starwood and I of course don’t live in Mainland China. Well, I guess it’s worth a try. Obviously, YMMV considering the terms and conditions are as you stated Bart. Thanks for catching that! I am usually really good about reading them too. Just assumed this was a go because it was emailed to me.

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