Earn $1,000 from Acorns Referral Bonus

Acorns Investing - Earn $1,000

Acorns Investing - Earn $1,000
Looking to increase your savings account or earn some money for your next grand adventure.  I know I’m always on the look out for these offers.  You might have earned miles and points so you can  fly and stay for free, but do you got some good old-fashion cash to pay for your meals and fun stuff?  If you are an average middle class American like me, $1,000 is a lot of money! Promotions like these always catch my attention!
This promotion hit my inbox today and I think it’s a fabulous way to earn some extra cash.
Here is the deal!
Help your friends and yourself cash in on $1,000!
Acorns is a micro investing app.  You can make automatic daily, weekly, or monthly investments of any amount.  No minimums. No trade fees. Only $1, $2, or $3 per month until you have $1 million invested.  You can do fun stuff like Roundups which I love in particular.   Roundups are like saving your pocket change.  Since we are living in a digital era we don’t usually carry cash so this concept is awesome!  You simply link the credit cards you are using (to earn miles/points of course) and Acorns tracks your charges and roundups up each transaction.  When that amount equals $5 in roundups it will withdraw $5 from your linked checking.  You literally are saving and investing and don’t even know it’s happening.  I love checking my Acorns app and seeing all the money that just poof, shows up in my account without me even noticing it’s gone.  Pocket change savings is powerful!
I started Acorns last October because I was looking for a way to easily save for my son’s summer camp.  In less than a year, I’ve saved over $800 and never noticed it gone.  I’m hooked now!  For me, I picked a particular goal and then just let Acorns do the work.  It’s been so fun and I’ve over achieved my goal of $625 for my son’s camp in less than a year.  Pretty good pocket change! I honestly believe the reason Acorns is offering this promotion is they know how hooked you’ll get once you start saving/investing with them.  If you are a big time investing type, you certainly will not be hooked.  Just play to earn your cash!  Acorns in my opinion is really geared to middle class inexperienced investors with small amounts of money to risk.  I love the fact that if I get scared at any point, I can take my money all out that day!  So your money isn’t trapped in an investment vehicle that you can’t access at any time.  It’s almost liquid!  It takes a few days for it to be transferred to your linked bank account.

Automatic Investing

Invest the Change® from everyday purchases, set it and forget it with a Recurring Investment, and keep growing from reinvested dividends

Found Money

Another great investing add-on is 200+ top brands invest in you when you shop through the Acorns app.  Great promos all the time!

WHAT DOES IT COST ME?$1 – $3/month depending upon the options you choose.  Plus remember there are no minimums for investing!  I love to just drop $5 in there when I’m feeling I’ve got alittle extra that week.  It’s really so fun!
Acorns investing

Now back to the fun promo!  If you are ready to jump in and invest $1, you’re ready to play!  I’ve read the terms and conditions of this promotion and I see no where a minimum investment is required.  So you just need to join, via my link (helping me towards my $1,000) and then grab your referral link and blast out a message on Facebook, email or just tell 12 friends.  If they all join before 5/31/18, you’ll earn $1,000 in your Acorns account.  Sounds too easy!  That’s what I thought!
Let’s go friends!  Please comment and let me know if you are playing!  Also, please update me if you get all your 12 friends!  I really want to see how many people can really make this happen.

  • Join online with my referral link: https://acorns.com/invite/9GRZ2B
  • Download the Acorns app to your smartphone.  Or just use online if you don’t have a smartphone
  • Link your bank account and credit cards.
  • Invest $1, $5 or $5,000 or whatever you like
  • Now, invite 12 of your friends to join Acorns.  When you are logged in online to your account you’ll see “Invite Friends” at the top of the screen.  Click on that link and it will give you your referral link.  Now Facebook, Tweet or Email that baby out there!  Grab 12 friends and make them follow through.  Hound them if you have too! Remember, your friends must start investing by 5/31/2018.
  • Wait for your $1,000 by 6/15/18

May 2018 Referral Bonus – $1,000 for 12 referrals
Friends must sign up on or after 5/01/2018, have an account in good standing and make their first investment by 5/31/2018. Bonuses are paid out by 6/15/2018. Referrals who close their account before 6/01/2018, or make an investment that results in a chargeback, will not qualify for the promotion.
Rewards for inviting friends to join Acorns are a limited time offer. Rewards are in the form of a purchase of investments in your Acorns portfolio. Shares are purchased once your friend’s account is approved and they have completed their first investment. To be eligible for the reward, the persons you refer must use your personal invitation code when they sign up. Acorns defines an account in good standing as a verified investment account with a successful investment. Acorns reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. Referral amount subject to change at discretion of Acorns Advisers, LLC.

From acorns mighty oaks do grow.

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