Denali National Park

Denali National Park, Alaska

The towering Mount McKinley, also known as “Denali” (North America’s tallest mountain), lingering moose, grizzlies, caribou, wolves—these are the overwhelming attractions that make up Denali National Park and Preserve. To describe, Denali National Park is beautiful, serene, and bursting with life made evident simply by the amazing wilderness surrounding its vastness.

Denali is accessible year round, but its main season falls around the middle of May until the first weeks of September. These times, you can enjoy and explore the beauty of the park and the magnificent views beyond including the majestic peak of Mount McKinley on a warm weather. While some adventurous souls make it to the glacier-covered mountains, climbing it is really not a necessity. In a sense, the mountain and its giant slopes serve as a picturesque backdrop during your trip at the park. There are so much more to see and explore at the heart of Denali.

How? Take in the scenery below and marvel at the sightings of its ever must-see wild animals. A journey along Denali Park Road—either you are hiking, biking or on a bus—will give you this much access to spotting grizzly bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, wolves, ground squirrels and winged animals like rock ptarmigans and golden eagles. And, if you really want a bird’s eye view of these fascinations and appreciate the grandeur of Denali’s countryside, flightseeing is the most fitting alternative. Try it and have an experience of a lifetime!

Denali is surrounded with lovely small towns both on the north and the south. The Nenana Canyon in Nenana provides a spectacular river adventure just north of Denali’s entrance. Gift shops, hotels and restaurants in the Nenana River Canyon are nice places to take the family where kids can do shopping and exploring or participate in the fun local activities.

Healy is another significant town located nearest to the park. It is a coal-mining town. It also has great spots for outdoor activities such as golf, horseback riding, bicycling, kayaking, and rafting.

As for the children, you can take them to a stopover at Savage River for hiking or let them experience some trail walks with a ranger as guide at Denali Visitors Center.

Another is Talkeetna, a quiet distant town south of Denali. Just like the rest of the surrounding towns, it exudes more or less similar enticements and activities that the national park has. These include river rafting, flightseeing, glacier viewing and travel, and more.

How gratifying it feels to gorge on delectable chow ater a long day of exploring Denali’s cosmic wilderness park! Denali National Park and Preserve have great restaurants that boast of palatable nourishing fare. Make your first-time experience in Denali really fun and unforgettable by dining at Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theater.

Only a single road leads to the park. If you decide to visit Denali, you may take Alaska Route 3, which goes between Fairbanks and Anchorage, or opt to ride on a train to the park between May to October via the Alaska Railroad. Fine cabins and hotels spread all over Denali so you have ample choices in terms of accommodation.

Look forward to discovering the amazing wildlife and solitude that await you in Denali National Park and Preserve. Make your break truly awe-inspiring and extraordinary by exploring the wilderness adventures only to be found in Denali.

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