Just wanted to encourage everyone to get out to vote!  We are so lucky in this country to have the freedom to vote.  The freedom to have our voice be heard!  The freedom to travel to anywhere in the world we desire.  The right to leave our country of freedom and return whenever we choose.  So many people in the world would love the freedom to leave their country to travel like we do.  We are truly blessed and should never take it for granted!

Your vote really counts tonight especially if you live in a swing state.
Don’t take it for granted!  Get out there and be heard!

3 thoughts on “DECISION DAY 2012 – GET OUT TO VOTE”

    1. @Terrible – You are free to unsubscribe! I rarely get off the topic of miles & points but occasionally I do and it’s my right. It is my blog! Notice I didn’t take any political side but only encouraged my U.S. readers to vote. Sorry you didn’t see the value in that!

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