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There are two major miles and points forums now available online for this hobby!  They are filled with a wealth of information.  It is essential for you to become a part of both communities.  These forums consist of information from A to Z.  You can find the answer to any related miles and point question you ever had in one of these two online communities.  Just as you become a part of the tennis club because you love tennis; or you join a quilters guild because you love to quilt; you become a part of Flyertalk and Milepoint because you love to travel.  Check them both out and don’t be shy!  Jump right into a discussion!  You’ll find as in life, some people are sweet as pie and others are like a rotten apple.  Don’t be afraid to ask your newbie questions.  You are sure to find some nice folks on the forums that will gladly steer you in the right direction.

Flyertalk is an interactive community that provides up-to-date information on travel-related loyalty rewards programs. It’s the hub that brings everyone together — from leisure travelers to mileage junkies — to converse about programs, get the latest program buzz or discuss how to maximize points or miles.  You’ll even get some good general travel information!

Milepoint where Frequent Flyer Meet!  Everything you ever want to know about frequent flyer miles and points and more!  A great new community started in 2011!  It’s so great to have to forum style communities to share and gather information from.

If you aren’t reading Inside Flyer then you need to start!  It’s logo says it all!  Check it out today for all the top news and insider tips for frequent flyers and mile collectors. You should also know about the Frequent Flyer Network.  The Frequent Flyer Network comprises many of the most popular and highly regarded sites for frequent flyers and business travelers.

More about Frequent Flyer Network:
Our foray into the online world began in 1995 with the launch of WebFlyer.com. In addition to being the first online information portal for frequent flyers, WebFlyer hosted what was arguably the first business travel blog, Gary Leff’s “View From The Wing." The Frequent Flyer Network became an official network in 1996 when InsideFlyer Online was launched with AOL. FlyerTalk.com followed in 1998, and grew to become one of the most popular online communities for frequent travelers. The addition of BoardingArea.com in 2008 quickly established a reputation as the home of the Internet’s top frequent flyer/business travel bloggers. The interest acquisition of SeatExpert.com in 2008 returned The Frequent Flyer Network to its roots when WebFlyer was the first third-party Web site to feature airline seat maps in 1995.

The Frequent Flyer Network of sites has won numerous awards and accolades. Some of which include Forbes – “Best of the Web," PC World – 100 Top Travel Web sites, and Selling Power Magazine designated InsideFlyer as one of its “Top 150 Sales Websites."

The sites that compose the Frequent Flyer Network and descriptions for each are listed below.

Award Donation Center
A non-profit effort that facilitates the donation of miles, points, and awards for personal and charitable use worldwide. Located at MileDonor.com, the Award Donation Center maintains a complete listing of charitable organizations partnered with frequent flyer programs and aggregates news and information related to frequent flyer donation efforts.

Traditional media outlets are still a good source for traditional news stories. But business travelers who want to know what’s really happening on the road, in the air and online are increasingly turning to bloggers for information and advice. At BoardingArea we’re compiling the best business travel blogs on the Internet, all in one place.

FlyerGuide is the ultimate resource for those who travel a lot, or who would like to travel a lot. Continually updated by frequent travelers, the FlyerGuide wiki is a collaborative effort where all are invited to share what they know about making travel more comfortable, relaxing and rewarding.

Visitors to the online version of the InsideFlyer magazine, which has been in publication since 1986, are privy to a complete run-down of airline, hotel, car rental and credit card bonuses; frequent flyer program reviews; editorial content and advice, and a host of other special features of interest to business travelers. InsideFlyer helps readers optimize their miles and points, both when it comes to redemption and earning.

MilePoint combines the latest forum technology, social media integration, and social networking best practices to create a unique environment that encourages friendly, helpful, and respectful interaction while balancing the needs of all members.

Roger and Randy
A fresh look at the topic of business travel as seen through the eyes of Roger Collis and Randy Petersen, both renowned experts with decades of experience writing about and commenting on the topic

As most travelers know, all airline seats are not created equal. SeatExpert is the ultimate guide for any traveler seeking that exit row, bulkhead seat, or even a seat far away from the bathrooms. With tens of thousands of expertly flown comments to accompany easy-to-read seat maps, SeatExpert takes the guess out of what seat the airline assigned you..

The first, and still the best source of frequent flyer and business travel information on the Internet. WebFlyer offers a vast assortment of tools for travelers. Among the most popular are Mileage Mall (a comprehensive and easily searchable list of offers available via the program’s online shopping portals), MileMarker (a feature-rich mileage calculator), and Mileage Converter (a tool that shows frequent flyers how to transfer miles and points between programs). In addition to the tools, the WebFlyer editorial staff reports on changes in the industry and how those changes affect the traveling public.

Though FlyerTalk – the world’s most popular online community dedicated to the topic of travel – has been sold, we still consider it an honorary member of the Frequent Flyer Network of sites. All travelers, from leisure travelers to mileage junkies to newbies to FlyerTalk founder Randy Petersen, continue to join in the ongoing conversations about frequent flyer programs, how to make the most of your miles and points, general travel, airports, destinations and much, much more.


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