TRIPLE SCOOP!  Yes, you heard me right.   It is possible for a family/couple  to earn 250,000+ points with Club Carlson promotions, Big Night Giveaway, Stay One Get 1 SO GO and Park Inn One Plus One.  (See detailed spreadsheet below)  Club Carlson has confirmed on their Facebook page that you can participating in three separate Club Carlson hotel promotions at the same time. 

Here is the dialog from Club Carlson’s Facebook page:

  • Radisson Hi everyone! This promotion is very exciting! Jeff, you will have to register for each promotion separately on each participating brand. Great way to earn even more points! Scott, this is part 2 of the Radisson Big Night Giveaway. Register and stay between May 15, 2012 and checking out on or before July 15, 2012. Please remember if it’s the Radisson promotion you need to stay at a Radisson property. Mark, this is valid for non-US members! I hope you all enjoy this promotion and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! We want to make sure everyone earns all their points! ~Dana

So without the terms and conditions stating it (they are not live yet), I believe we will all be able to get a TRIPLE SCOOP of points from Club Carlson.  This is getting really fun folks!  So you can potentionally earn a large bonus from each of the three hotel brand promotions, Radisson, Park Inn & Country Inns & Suites (not 3 bonuses on 1 night-just to be clear) which are running at the same time.  You need to stay at each brand 1 night between May 15, 2012 and checking out on or before July 15, 2012 to receive the bonus.  You must register separately for each brand’s promotion.

Promotional Bonus 50,000 1 night
Online booking bonus   1,000  
Normal stay points earned (based upon $80 room x 25 pts per dollar)   1,600  
REGISTER HERE – available soon! EXPIRED    
PARK INN – (Not sure what this is called) BONUS STAY REQUIRED
Promotional Bonus 44,000 1 night
Online booking bonus   1,000  
Normal stay points earned   1,600  
REGISTER HERE – available soon! EXPIRED    
Promotional Bonus 44,000 1 night
Online registration bonus (Gold Elite 2,000 & Concierge 3,000)   1,000  
Normal stay points earned (based upon $80 room x 25 pts per dollar)   1,600  
 REGISTER HERE – available soon! EXPIRED    
*Online booking bonus (Gold Elite 2,000 & Concierge 3,000)  
*Stay Bonus Points – Estimate is based upon $80 room x 25 pts per dollar)  

NOTE:  Higher bonus points can be earned if your status is Gold or Concierge.  You earn a 50% point bonus on every eligible stay as Gold and 75% point bonus as Concierge.  Be sure to request a status match on your Club Carlson account before your stays.  See Free Status Upgrades for help with that.  You will also earn more points if your hotel room rate is higher than my sample rate.   Plus don’t forget 4,500 bonus points if you haven’t enrolled in Club Carlson program . Join here



 Now if you really want to get some Club Carlson points, here is a way you can earn over 250,000 Club Carlson points per family/couple.


  • Make 3 stays with each 2 nights a piece.  
  • Book the first night under your account.  Book the second night under your spouse.  You just check out in the morning and he checks in for the next night.  Usually they will not even switch you into another room.  Especially with this promotion going on they will understand why you booked the nights under each separate account.  This is absolutely legit and no rules I’ve ever seen forbid it. 

So now you’ve turn 50,000 points into 100,000 points and 46,600 points into 93,200 and the third stay goes from 46,600 to 93,200 also.  The total bonus earned for the 6 nights would be 256,400!  Whooo this is so fun!


Now to find the cheapest rate.  Here are my suggestions.  Find the cheapest night that Radisson, Park Inn or Country Inn’s has for the night you want to stay.  Then drop that price down even lower using the “Best Rate Guarantee” policy.  The policy is the same no matter if you are staying at a Radisson, Park Inn, or Country Inn.  

Best Rate Guarantee

How It Works

If you find a rate on another website that is lower than the best rate on countryinns.com – and the rate is for the same date(s), same room type, same number of guests, at the same hotel and same rate terms or restrictions – let us know and we will honor the lower rate AND discount that rate by 25%.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use the tools listed below to search for the cheapest night to do the Best Rate Guarantee.  Remember the rate only has to beat their rate by cents technically and you get that rate plus 25% off.  Usually, you can find something for at least a little bit cheaper to qualify you for a BRG.

Hotels.com Hotels Combined
Best Rate Guarantee Hotelroom.com
Hotels Combined UK Fare Compare
Expedia Otel
Travelocity Kayak
GetARoom CheapOStay
Wego Travel Search Hotelopia

*If you use these links, I receive a referral for most of the travel booked through these links and other travel related companies on Miles Momma.  I use them myself to book my own reservations too!  😉  Thank you in advance for supporting me and my site!

If you appreciated this post, please consider also booking your reservation through the Miles Momma site.  I am a Radisson & Country Inn affiliate.  It costs you nothing but a click and helps me continue to improve the site and provide hot deals like this to your inbox.



You can also come back at a later time and book through the Travel Center – Hotel Shopping & Bonuses 

Well, folks have fun with this one!  Sure a smart promotion to come out with just as summer is about to hit!  So take your kids to Disneyland for the weekend or maybe Legoland if you live in Cali.  I’m checking all the locations as I’m writing this post.  Thinking maybe I could head south stay a night in Venture at a Country Inn after a day at Disneyland which would be on the way home to San Luis Obispo.  There is only 1 Park Inn that’s in California.  Can you believe that.  Fortunately, it’s in Fresno very close to my in-laws.  I’ll be visiting them over 4th of July so maybe I can stay a night there if my hubby’s on board.  Finally Radisson, I’m lucky enough to have one 30 minutes from me.  Maybe I can just stalk the rates and do BRG for something real cheap.  It’s Santa Maria and every knows that’s no paradise!  So I’ll probably just checkin and let the kids have fun playing in the pool and head home to my nice comfy bed.

How about you?  Are you thinking of playing along!  If you have some trips planned in May, June & July and you can work these hotels in you are totally scoring a sweet deal.  I don’t have any trips plans so I’m just getting creative and planning some.  Just had a thought!  The hubby needs parking at the LAX Airport.  Maybe I’ll book him a night at the Radisson LAX, he can check in and park his car there while he’s on his trip.  A bit more than the cost of parking but 50,000 points is sure worth it. 

UPDATE:  Just booked the hubby’s room for 5/16 at Radisson LAX Airport.  The rate was $149 (ouch).  So I did a BRG and got it down to $77.  Pretty sweet!  Now I’m just coming down till we can register next week on the 15th.  Working on some others plans for my points and the other property stays.  Guess we are going to have to take the kids to Legoland in June or July.


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