1. Hey Momma,
    It’s really bad karma to lure people into signing up for this product so you can get a referral bonus, without telling them that the CitiGold account has a $30 PER MONTH fee! And the only way to avoid it is to maintain an average monthly balance of $50,000-$100,000 in relationship accounts!!!

    1. @Erik – FYI – I don’t receive any commission for people who sign up for Citi checking accounts. I strictly write about these deals to share with my readers how to earn miles or cash. There is much resource information on my site that is not monetized and I receive nothing for the sharing of information. Yes, I do receive commission for some credit cards offers, products, travel, and other services on my site. This is my hobby that does provide extra income for my family. I try to help all my readers as best I can and always endeavor to share accurate information.
      Regarding the monthly fee, I myself recently did a Citi ThankYou points checking account offer and was not charged any monthly fee for 5 months at which time I had already earned the bonus. So for all reader information, “Yes” the Citi Advantage Gold has a monthly fee of $30 but generally I’ve not been charged the monthly fee for the first 2 months at least and longer in some cases. If you have any further questions about this checking account bonus or any others I’d be happy to answer them from the experience or knowledge I have. Best of luck earning!

      1. Erik
        you have a responsibilty to read the fine print if you sign up for anything. It’s not Momma’s fault at all.
        love you MM

      2. Hi MM,
        So once I see the 50,000 points/miles added to my online AAdvantage account, I can immediately close my CitiGold Checking Account and avoid the first $30 monthly fee?

        1. Yes, once your miles have posted to your American AAdvantage account they are yours. Citibank does not have authorization to debit your account only deposit. You will be responsible for the $30 monthly fee until they are posted. Generally they do not charge the monthly fee for the first two months as a courtesy. In my personal experience it’s even been longer sometimes, but ultimately you are responsible while the account is open. Meet the requirements within the first couple weeks and then keep an eye on it. According to the T&C’s, they have 90 days from the time you meet the promotion requirements to deposit the AA miles in your account. You must stay on top of them once you’ve meet the requirements.

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