12 thoughts on “CITIBANK CHECKING 30,000 BONUS AA MILES OFFER EXTENDED -12/31/2012”

    1. @Andres – Yes – $30 month – 2 month grace period though. Figure 2-3 months of pay the fee if you can’t get fee waived. So basically $60 – $90 for 30,000 AA miles
      T&C’s:”Waive monthly service fees on your Citigold checking account by linking accounts. There’s no monthly service fee for the first two statement periods. After that, we’ll continue to waive the monthly service fee if the combined average monthly balance of your eligible linked accounts is:
      $50,000 or more for all linked deposit and retirement accounts OR
      $100,000 or more across all your eligible linked Citi accounts, including investments and loan balances, but excluding mortgage balances.
      Otherwise, a $30 monthly service fee will apply.”

  1. I went thru your link and applied. But nowhere did I see any offer details. I used the CMDJ code. I was never asked for my AA account number. Do you think I was applying to the correct offer?

    1. @Ron – You should have filled in a box with your AA number. You did apply for the right offer and the I checked the code again just now. The promotion disclosure information is correct. I would be sure you’ve printed that promotional disclosure information and call Citibank to get your AA number added to your account. Tell them you applied for the offer but didn’t have a place for your frequent flyer number. If you didn’t print the promotional disclosure you can go back through the link and go to open a Citigold account and input the code, on the left side bar you will then see the “promotional disclosure” appear when you click to the application screen.

    1. @Chuck – No. I believe these offers are always for new account holders. You can cancel your checking account though and reapply a few months later I think and still get bonus. For sure, it would be safe after 6 months but don’t know for sure. I usually do 1 a year.

  2. how many times do you have to call Citibank to get them to deposit the miles into your acct once you met the requirement.
    would direct deposit from ING which is now Capital One counts? I just got the same offer through email today.

    1. @TVN – I’ve had to call a couple times in the past. Not huge work but something you have to keep tracking on. ING/Paypal would be good options. Also, for a small fee (2.75%) AMEX Square Reader is a sure deal. I’ve used it in the past. Set with your business name and you can do direct deposits when you need them for various purposes. http://www.squareup.com

      1. Thank you for your reply. Did you get a 1099 from Citi for the bonus points? some people from other forums reported getting 1099?
        Also, did Citi let you apply even though you got it in the past? My husband is an authorized signer on my acct. but doesn’t have the Citi AA card, will he be able to apply? He is planning to apply next month for the personal and business card.

        1. @ I’ve heard and read as well about 1099’s but never received one myself. Did this offer last year and have done other Citi checking offers in the past without any issues. Your credit cards and checking accounts are completely viewed separately. So your credit card accounts will have no affect on you getting a checking account bonuses. This is pretty normal across the boards with various lenders.

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