Dear Readers,

Just wanted to take a moment out of my Christmas Day to wish you and your family all the best this holiday season.  May you be truly blessed and surround with love today and always.  

Thanks for being one of my fabulous readers this year!  I can’t believe Miles Momma has been going strong now for over three years.  Wow time sure flies!  Thanks to all of you who’ve been with me from the beginning!  I hope I’ve been able to help you earn more miles and points than you ever imagined possible.  I’ll work hard in 2014 to bring you all the best travel news, hot credit card deals, miles/point promotions, and every deal I can find to help you travel the world for FREE!

Although Miles Momma is all about earning miles and points, today I want to remind you that it’s not really about miles and points but the end result which is incredible memories.  Mile and points are only a vehicle to enable you to create beautiful memories.  These memories that are etched in your heart have no expiration date like miles or points and will last a lifetime guaranteed.

So my wish for you this Christmas is to “Dream Big Dreams“!  I did and they came true!  Just like you can’t win a great prize if you don’t enter the giveaway, you can’t have a great moment if you don’t dream it first!  So dream your dreams of travel and stay connect with Miles Momma in 2014 so I can show you how to achieve that dream and make it a reality for you and your family.

Here is me “Dreaming Big Dreams” thirteen years ago!  I bought this postcard (pictured below) in a shop in my home town and sent it to my boyfriend (now my husband) before we were married.


Anyone who knows me would always tell you, I’m the big sappy person and a total romantic!  I love being in love, reading about love, watching love, seeing people in love then you put it with travel and bling I’m flipped out!  I’ve always loved travel and dreamed of it my whole life.  I began traveling for business with my father when I was eighteen years old and I just fell in love with the adventure of it all!  I officially had the travel bug!  Yes, I can admit it I’m a travel addict.  All I need is chocolate, a bottle of wine, a good book and an airplane! 


Back in 2000, I had just begun to really get serious about collecting miles and points and I was dreaming of all the international adventures I might have.  I had at that point traveled quite a bit for business in the U.S. with my only international destination being Canada.  I was thrilled to get my passport stamped in Canada but I of course dreamed of the next stamp.  So I really began to dig deep into acquiring these golden miles and points because I knew they were the key to get me to these destinations.  I knew I could never make the thousands of dollars it would cost otherwise to travel to my dream destinations.

It’s been many years, many countries, and many adventures since I wrote this postcard to my husband but I’ve always kept it taped up on my desk to remind me to “Dream Big Dreams” and they can come true if you do!  So this year, I encourage you to “Dream Big Dreams” and stay connect with the Miles Momma site to help you build those balances to get you where you want to go!  Remember travel is not just for the rich and famous but the average folks like you and me!  I’ll be in Paris this February with my family because I dreamed it and chased those miles to make it happen. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Holidays!

Happy Travels,

Faith Case
aka Miles Momma

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Just used my Barclay Arrival 40,000 bonus points to pay the taxes for 4 tickets to Paris this February.  The Barclay Arrival World Mastercard is a great rewards credit card with great benefits and a super nice sign up bonus of 40,000 points that can be redeemed for travel related expenses and much more.  Check it out!  MM Recommended!

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