Just a reminder, if you haven’t register for my Christmas Giveaway, today is the last day.  Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win some FREE MILES or POINTS of your choice!  Can’t wait to announce the winner tomorrow!

Also, I’ll be carefully reviewing all your comments and trying to develop future posts to meet your needs and answer your questions.  Thanks for all the feedback.  It has given me a great “to do” list so to speak!  Remember, I’m always available to answer questions via email.  Don’t hesitate to send me a quick note with any question you might have or help you might need.  I love answering these emails.  I will always try to respond within 24 – 48 hours as my busy Momma life allows.  I’m usually really fast though!  Generally, nap time and late at night are the times I’m online and available.  I’m also looking into the best way to for my readers to communicate instantly with me via my site during this times for quick questions on the spot.  So look for this announcement in the near future.

Have a fun & happy New Years eve!!!

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