Choosing The East Coast To Go On Vacation

East Coast of United States Vacation

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Have you ever considered taking a road trip to the east coast of the United States? If you haven’t, you should, because this part of America offers a great variety of activities that you and your family can join to have a very good time. You should decide what to do depending on how much time you have. You can choose to drive all the way along the entire coast or if you do not have much time, you should pick a particular area you are interested to visit and explore it in detail. Of course, always study what the different areas have to offer in food, entertainment and accommodation before starting to drive. If you plan your vacation properly, for sure you will spend a great time traveling along the Atlantic shoreline.

If you plan to begin your vacation in the south, bear in mind that Florida can and will maintain you occupied for more than a few days. This is because Florida has a long coastline and many interesting activities to do. You and your family can have a good time visiting the various amusement parks, and enjoying the beach climate that is one of the best. Then you have to keep going and for sure you will not skip Savannah, Georgia, the state’s oldest city, where you can go to the historical Savannah River and to several historical colonial sites. It is a city you should not avoid because its colorful old houses and its southern charm are unforgettable.

Then you should turn to Charleston, South Carolina, a city you cannot avoid. It s a city very similar to Savannah in its architecture but it also has its own interesting things, such as the Folly Beach and some of the region’s best seafood restaurants. After Charleston, the trip can continue to the city Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on the outer banks of the state in the east coast. This city offers you a variety of activities, included museums recording the Wright Brothers’ first flight, where you can place yourself in the path where they made history.

Are you interested in politics? If this is your case, you should stop in Washington, D.C. Because there you can visit the famous White House, the Supreme Court and the U.S. Capitol building, apart from the great number of museums of which the most important are the Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian. Another place you cannot avoid visiting is the National Gallery, especially if you are interested in art. Here you will find famous paintings from not only American but also foreign artists.

All the way up to the city of New York you will be appreciating the beautiful American rural landscape. For example, you will drive past the nice state of Delaware where you will be delighted by seeing the wonderful farmland and the old farmhouses in that great rural landscape. Remember to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel when you drive along Chesapeake Bay. It is an unforgettable twenty-six-mile toll highway stretching across the superb waterway. And if you are feeling tired, there is a picturesque restaurant and rest area with a dock halfway through the twenty-six miles where you can feel as if you are floating in the heart of the east coast ocean surrounded by countless miles of water.

As soon as you enter New Jersey, you will soon start feeling the effects of the looming New York City destination. A lot of hotels and slightly shady establishments will start appearing in your way, as you get closer to New York. And if you go even further you will see one of the greatest sights on the globe: the Manhattan skyline. Getting nearer the east coast city you will start appreciating the surrealism of the buildings as if they were planted in the ocean and were growing skywards as a tree would do. If you make your own vacation plan do not forget to include New York City at night because of its glowing magnificence.

If you do not have enough time, plan your vacation carefully so as to include at least a few days to go around the city. Some may think that it is rather overwhelming, but it is a city you have to visit if you are near it. It is a very big city where you can find anything you are looking for. You can find a great variety of food, clothing, activity or music, which makes it the ultimate educational, cultural, and shopping experience. What can be better than finishing your vacation in one of the more beautiful cities in the world on the east coast: New York?

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