As I previously posted, Chase has pulled their previous Ink Bold Business card offer.  They now have replaced it with a new offer.  The awesome news, you can still receive a 50,000 points sign up bonus but the bad/good news is some things have changed with this new offer.  Some of the benefits of the card have changed as well. These might be benefits that don’t apply to you or they could be ones you value greatly.  So here is the scoop in a nutshell.


  • 50,000 Bonus Points
  • Minimum spend is 5,000 within 3 months
  • No Annual Fee (first year only)


  • No threshold bonuses for high spenders
  • Previous offer bonus points after hitting spending targets:7,500 after $25,000; 15,000 after 50,000; and 25,000 after 100,000 in a year.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Spending Bonuses:
  • 4 points on office supplies, cable, wireless, and phone. (up to $50,000 in spending)
  • 2 points on gas and hotels (up to $50,000 in spending)
  • Priority Pass Membership
  • Waive Foreign Transaction Fees

So which card is better?  I couldn’t say. It’s really depends upon your life and how you use your card.  None of the benefits may even matter to you if you are simply getting the card for the 50,000 sign up bonus and putting it into your drawer.  Also, if you have already applied for the old Ink Bold offer and would prefer the benefits of the new card offer, I would suggest calling Chase and ask them if they can change your card to the new card.  I bet they will change it for you.  Worth a try especially if you can benefit from the 4 points on office supplies, cable, wireless, and phone.  Those points could really add up.  Both the Chase Sapphire 50,000 offer and the Ink Bold 50,000 offer will earn you Ultimate Reward points and are great deals.  These offers together would score you 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points equal to $1,000 Cash or $1250+ in travel redemption.  I would highly recommend both cards.  I have the Chase Sapphire myself and love it!  I will apply for the Ink Bold after I let things simmer down a bit from my 5 Chase scores this year.  Always need to be smart and wise with your credit. (SIDE NOTE: I’m liking the benefits of my Chase Sapphire so much I’m thinking I may actually keep the card and pay the annual fee.  Of course, not the second year because I will call to cancel and they will of course try to convince me to keep the card by offering to credit my annual fee or throw a bunch of points my way just to keep the card open.  So I should be able to get another free year I figure.  I always suggest calling to cancel a card a few months before the annual fee is due.  Without a doubt, the lender will offer something to keep the card open.  Each lender has a special department they transfer you to that are trained to convince people to keep their cards open.  Usually they will offer to credit the annual fee or give you a miles or points large bonus just to agree to keep the card open.  Also remember, don’t bite at the first offer they throw at you.  Let them keep through out what they have and see what all your options.  After you accept their offer, you wait for the miles, points or credit to hit and then you call back and truly cancel.  I do this always and it never fails to add miles/points to my accounts).  As a reminder, Chase Ultimate Rewards points transfer 1:1 into United/Continental, Hyatt, Marriott, British Airways, Priority Club, Korean Airlines, and Amtrak Guest Rewards. Check out the ULTIMATE REWARDS DEMO SITE – See for yourself the benefits of these points

NOTE:  Should you decide to sign up for one of these credit card offers, I do receive a referral bonus like many other sites and blogs all over the web.   My hope is that my blog provides you valuable daily miles & points information and I can earn your referral.  Thank you in advance for supporting me, a SAHM (Stay-at-Home) Momma!  I know you have many choices where to link through when you sign up for a credit card offer and I’m very appreciative if you choose my blog.

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