Well the rumors about the minimum spend being reduced for the Chase Ink cards are true!  Chase as expected has notified me today to pull down all my links for several cards including, Ink Classic Business, Ink Cash Business Card, Ink Bold Charge Card and Ink Plus Business Card, so they can update the offers.  I expect to have new updated links tomorrow Tuesday, November 13th.  I know that some have reported seeing this better offer on and other have reported problems getting it to load.  I know it does take time for Chase to make these changes across the boards but I believe tomorrow it will be completed.  I’m not sure how long this offer will be valid but I will let you know when I have that information.

The old offer which required a minimum spend of $10,000 is being replaced with only a $5,000 minimum spend.  This is super exciting news for all of you out there who don’t have one of these cards.  Now is the time!  With only a $5,000 minimum spend you can easily meet this requirement with regular spend, bills, gas, groceries, prepaid cards, visa gift cards and much more.  There are many ways to meet your minimum spend.  Here are a couple quick ideas.  You can easily buy Vanilla Prepaid Reload cards at various locations (list here) and load up your American Express Bluebird Prepaid card.  Additionally, you can purchase Paypal Load Money cards and load the funds in to your Paypal account and use for future purchases, transfer to your linked account or send money to a friend.  There are also prepaid load cards called Reloadit cards.  These cards are just like Vanilla prepaid reload cards.  When you purchases these cards, you tell the cashier how much you want to load on the prepaid card.  Then these funds can be added to any of the partner prepaid cards.  Here is the list of partners.  These are just a few ideas.  I have so many more.  Check out my list of many other creative ways to meet minimum spends here.  The ways are really endless.  I’ll be trying out some new prepaid card methods in the next few months myself and I’ll blog about my results for your reference.

For those of you who applied under the old offer, don’t fear!  Chase is very good about extending their current promotion to new cardholders who have applied within 90 days of the new better offer.  You just simply need to sign into  your Chase account and send them a “secured message” requesting that they match the better offer that has come out.  I would reference that you know their policy is to match any better offer that comes out within 90 days from the time you applied for your card.

Anyway, the Chase Ink Bold, Ink Plus, Ink Classic Business and Ink Cash Business are all great top earning cards.  If you don’t have one or a couple, you should.  I personally have several Chase cards right now (Chase Sapphire, United Explorer, Marriott Premier Rewards, Ink Bold) and I will be grabbing an Ink Plus next.  After the first of the year I’ll probably grab the other two.  I love that all of them earn you Ultimate Rewards points.  Even the cash back cards are given to you in the form of Ultimate Rewards points.  If you don’t know a lot about the power of Ultimate Reward point, read my past articles here:

Ultimate Rewards Points 101 – Part 1

Ultimate Rewards Points 101 – Part 2

You will then understand the power of these points.  Ultimate Rewards points aren’t like other programs points; for example Citibank Thank You points which have very little flexibility.  I got the Citibank Thank You Preferred Rewards card this year with a nice bonus but there sure isn’t much I can do with those points; not like Ultimate Rewards points for sure.  I’ll probably end up using them for some travel related gifts cards.  Still worth it for the bonus though.

Well, I will update you when the new offer links are live on my site which should be tomorrow at some point.


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