Just wanted to let you all know that I received an email from Chase that the Bold Ink -50,000 bonus points offer will be expiring Monday, November 28th.  If you were on the fence on this offer, it’s decision time!  It is a fabulous offer with the 50,000 points with Chase Ultimate Rewards.  This is a cash value of $500 or $625 or more in travel.  No annual fee for the first year.  5,000 min. spend which isn’t the “pack of gum” offer but a very do-able especially with the holiday shopping added in right now.  Remember to check out my “Ways to Meet Minimum Spend” page to help you with that.  If you don’t have a card with Chase tied to Ultimate Rewards points, it’s a must have.  I got my Chase Sapphire this year and I’m nuts over the Ultimate Rewards Program.  Check it out here on their demo site.  Play around and see for yourself!  It just gives you so many options of what you can turn those points into.  The freedom to move points around is so easy.  ;Points to miles transfers are literally instant, at least in all the programs I’ve transferred (several).  It will really blow your mind how easy of a program it is.  I don’t have the Chase Bold Ink myself because I’m maxed out with Chase cards this year.  My scores were UA-50k, CO-50K, BA-100k, SAPPHIRE-100K,MARRIOTT-70K.  So I have to cool it with them till next year.  Need to play it smart and always take care of your credit.  Your credit is one of your most important assets in your financial world.  Really wish I could have done this one but other great deals will always come.  So there you go, food for thought this holiday weekend.  I just couldn’t stay away from the blog and you readers.  Crazy how addicted you can get to blogging.  You know that your readers depend upon you to bring them the latest and greatest info and some things like this can’t wait for a few days.  

Here the the message.

Dear Chase Affiliate,
Chase has announced that they will be updating the Ink BoldSM with Ultimate Rewards – 50,000 Bonus Points and the New Ink CashSM Business – Earn Up to $250 Bonus Cash Back cards. To ensure that these cards are updated properly, Chase will deactivate them on Monday, November 28th, 2011.
Therefore, please remove all related marketing materials for the following two cards by 10am on Monday, 11/28/11, as the links will no longer work.

AS AN ALTERNATIVE, we recommend that you promote the InkSM Classic Business – Up to 25,000 Bonus Points credit card offer.

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