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I hope this message finds you well and your having a great holiday season.  As we get ready to start off a new year of mile and point collecting and hopefully some great credit card bonuses, I wanted to make you aware of Chase Bank’s new affiliate disclosure policy.  As a Chase affiliate, I have recently been informed that affiliates are no longer allow to disclose when a particular credit card offer will end.  This is a huge development for affiliates as it prevents us from letting our readers know when they need to act and how much time they have to make a decision on an offer.  Many affiliates, myself  included, are not happy with this new policy but we must comply or our relationship with the bank will be terminated.  If you are still seeing bloggers posting ending dates of offers, they will soon not be as Chase is strictly beginning to enforce this policy and will terminate any blogger affiliate (high ranking or not) who discloses this information. We are not even allowed to say, “the offer is ending soon”.  This phrase is also a “No, No”.

That being said, my desire is to comply with Chase and still help my readers as much as possible in this regard.  So what I would like to encourage you to do is sign up to receive email updates.  If I have your email address on my list,  I can then communicate with you via email and I can use more discrete wording to indicate that action is necessary.  Again, I still cannot via email tell you the ending date of any offers.  I believe however I can using wording like, “I strongly encourage you to consider this offer now”.  I am also going to be starting a monthly newsletter to all my email subscribers starting January 2013 to give out more insider tips than I share on the site.  I do think some deals need to be shared more discretely over email or private messages than openly online.

So if you aren’t an email subscriber, I would encourage you to do that today!  You can sign up here.  Simply click on “Get Miles Momma delivered by email”.  Enter your email address.  You will receive an email confirming your subscription.  You will then be set up to receive daily posts & the monthly Miles Momma newsletter via email.

With this in mind, I would “strongly encourage you to consider” the following Chase offers listed at the bottom of this post.  They are excellent offers that won’t last forever.

Happy New Year to you all!  Looking forward to a prosperous and fun 2013 full of great mile and point deals and exciting adventures!


Ink Bold® Business Card – 50,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards Points

Ink Plus® Business Card – 50,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards Points

Ink Cash® Business Card – $200 Cash Back Bonus (20,000 Ultimate Rewards points)

Ink Classic® Business Card – 20,000 Bonus Ultimate Rewards Points

Don’t know what Ultimate Rewards Points are or how extremely valuable they are, read more here



  1. Thanks for the update, just applied and will be calling the reconsideration line tomorrow, just got the southwest cards last month so it is probably a long shot but I had to give it a try!

    1. @Sarah – Your welcome! Remember that business applications and personal applications are viewed & considered separately. So if your Southwest cards were personal, it should be much easier when you talk with recon. Always call and fight for your approval. Even sometimes a second or third call and provide successful.

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