Car Rental Codes

Are you looking to save big on your next car rental?  Why pay full price when you can simply use a code to discount your rate.  There are literally thousands of codes floating around the internet for most major car rental companies.  I’ve compiled a a list of links and lists of codes for your reference.  I hope you will find these useful and they will save you lots of money on your next rental.

The process is simple.  When making your reservation online just enter a code from the appropriate list into the box that says “coupon code, offer code, rate/product code” until you find a code that gives you the lowest possible rate for your destination.  It takes some time but will save you lots of cash.  Like everything else in life, time is money.  If you are loaded with green, you wouldn’t even be interested in wasting your time with codes.  You’d simply pay full price and off you go!  Then there are us average folks who need to be frugal and use codes like these to save a little to make our trip a reality!




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