Can You Run a Business & Travel The World?

Traveling & Running Your Business

If you’re the kind of person who gets itchy feet on a regular basis, you might wish that you could spend more time indulging your wanderlust and less time sitting at home trying to raise funds. The obvious answer is to work as you travel, but is this even possible?

Well, it depends on the job you have and how easily your work can be achieved with the bare minimum of things. Any job that can be done with just a laptop and an internet connection can almost certainly be done on the go. There areplenty of options

So, here are a few practical considerations to take into account. 

Get Connected

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t work with clients if they can’t get in touch with you. Whether you are providing content, web design or lifestyle coaching, you need to be able to chat. And that means you need a consistent method that always works. 

A permanent address is a good start though you don’t need a full office for obvious is a good place to start. You should also think about conference calling. There are lots of free services that work over wi-fi and since the coronavirus lockdown, Zoom has rapidly grown in popularity.    

Choose Your Tech

A laptop is probably the most valuable bit of kit you need to keep your business going. But, it’s really important that you consider the weight of your laptop and its capabilities. You need to choose a laptop based on what you need it for – for business and for fun. So, a graphic designer would need enough memory for large files but a writer might get away with a smaller hard drive. 

While a laptop and plenty of determination will take you so far, you should also think about the othertechy bits you’ll need. Headphones, an adapter and a portable charger should be obvious but you might also consider buying a mobile hotspot and a foldable laptop stand. Your phone will also be really important so choose wisely. 

Travel Smart

If you are imagining yourself on a remote island with nothing but the sea for company, you probably need to adjust your fantasy to align with reality. While a desert island might appeal, you probably won’t have the wi-fi you need and sand is a pain in the you-know-what for laptops. 

There’s no reason that a remote island can’t feature in your trip as a holiday but it’s probably best to stick to places where you can guarantee a reasonable connection – at least while you are working.Many cities are great for digital nomads but you’d be surprised by how many smaller towns are well suited too. Do your research before you set off! 

Running a business while you travel is a dream for many people and with today’s tech, it’s a reality for many people too. If you want to join the increasing numbers of digital nomads, you need to plan ahead and think carefully about each step of the way. But remember, nothing is impossible. 

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