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Is it ever a good idea to buy miles and points?  This is a very good question to ask.  Well, I will tell you that the best way by far to get miles and points is free through great credit card signup bonuses.  But there are times when buying miles and points can be very beneficial.

When to buy miles and points!

1. Sometimes there are great opportunities to buy miles and points with bonus promotions.  These promotions are constantly going on to encourage people to buy miles and points.  Airlines & Hotel Loyalty programs will sell miles and points at a discount.  In many cases it can be a huge value for a particular international premium cabin award ticket or a free night in a luxury hotel on points.  Often buying the miles or points during a promotion can save you big dollars verses paying cash outright.  It really can make sense sometimes for different individuals and travel objectives.

2.  You are just short in your account for an award ticket!  Buy those miles and grab your ticket.

3.  Buying miles to keep your points active and prevent them from expiring is always a good thing to do.  Never let your miles expire.  Many programs allow you to simply purchase miles to keep your points balance from expiring.  Check out this chart here to see when various program miles expire.


Did you know you can even redeem your miles for cash into your Paypal account with Points.com.  Maybe you just need some good old fashion cash for your next trip!  Learn more here about transferring your miles into cash.


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