British Airways Contest – Win a free roundtrip ticket to Great Britian

Here is a fun contest if you are a late night owl like me.
British Airways is giving away up to 100 roundtrip tickets a day from March 19th to March 23.  The first 10 people to like them, enter the contest and answer the question each day win.  You can have 1 entry each day.  Multiple entries don’t help.  I can not find any time guidelines in the terms and conditions as to when the “day” starts but I would assume at 12:01 a.m  The problem is what time zone.  Hmmm…..more research to do.  You can read the terms and conditions here.  You can register here:
I will update this post as soon as I find more information out about the time zone.  Just wanted to quickly get this post off to you before heading out to my son’s practice.  This is a time sensitive one.  Good luck everyone!  Have fun!
British Airways left the following comment on their FB a few hours ago.

There is no right or wrong question to any of our daily questions. Today we asked what attraction you would most like to visit in Great Britain. Tomorrow we will ask another British centric question. Today’s question was posted just after 10amEST and we sent our winners an email just after 5pmEST.

I am not sure that they will post the question every day @ 10:00 a.m.EST.  From the way it sounds, they will post the question randomly on different days.  This makes it a bit not so fun!  Much more random unless you spend 24 hours sitting on their Facebook site.  Some may though!  I’m not that hard up for a ticket.  I am game if I knew they were posting the question at the same time each day.  That would be much more fun!  Oh, well, it’s their contest and they can do as they like.  Question posted here:
UPDATE: 3/20
British Airways posted this today:

Tomorrow’s question will be updated on our You’re Really Invited tab between 10am-2pm EST
Good evening everyone. We are trying to keep it fair between east coast and west coast fans on our timing of the question through out the week. 10am-2pm EST is for tomorrow’s question only, so stay tuned for our timings Thursday and Friday! So if you work on the computer, you should try for this.  Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.  Couldn’t hurt.


UPDATE: 3/22Tomorrow’s question will be updated on the You’re Really Invited tab between 7am-9am EST. Remember to clear your cookies and good luck!   Ouch for us California people.  I might set my alarm.  Will see!

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