Boy……Chase is on a roll this week.  First they are dropping bonuses on some cards (Chase Sapphire went from a 50,000 bonus to 40,000 bonus), then they are offering bonuses only to pull them later that day (Chase Ink Bold went from a 50,000 bonus to a 60,000 bonus on April 4th and then went back to 50k) and now they are coming out with a big 100k offer.  Well, we mile collectors have all been waiting for another BIG OFFER and this is the second biggest offer this year.  It comes after the 100,000 Capital One offer.  Unfortunately, it’s not the smoking hot offer we had last year.  The more you learn about credit card offers, the calmer you stay when big numbers are being throw out into the airwaves.  You calmly read the “Terms & Conditions” and really evaluate the offer.  This offer is a little better than the 100k Capital One offer because it requires less of a minimum spend.  That being said the min. spend is still very high for the average folks like myself.  To receive the full 100,000 Avios you would have to spend $20,000 plus the $95 fee is not waived.  This isn’t really feasible for the average person.  Last years 100k British Airways offer was smoking hot.  You only had to spend $3,000 on the card to receive the full 100,000 Avios.  This was also before British Airways revamped their program and changed to Avios points.  They did some serious damage in their program raising many award redemption’s way up.  
Well, I was hopeful when I receive an email this morning about the new offer.  After I read the details, I was quite disappointed.  Not that I am eligible to apply for this offer since I just recently canceled my British Airways card I received last year.  I got in on the 100,000 offer and my family is flying to Boston for $20 this fall thanks to that sweet deal.

Anyway, I’ll break down the details here for you and let you evaluate it for yourself.

  •  50,000 bonus Avios after your first purchase
  •  25,000 bonus Avios after you make $10,000 in purchases within the first year
  •  25,000 bonus Avios after you make another $10,000 in purchases within the first year. 
  • Annual Fee: $95 (not waived)

    Ouch!  See what I mean about the minimum spend.  Now the 10,000 might be feasible if the average person worked hard on it all year but $20,000 is a BIG SPEND.  British Airways Avios aren’t that valuable in my opinion especially since you would never want to use them to fly to Europe unless you want to pay outrageous taxes on your ticket.  The only purpose I really see for British Airways Avios are for flights within the U.S. on American, their partner.   The taxes are nothing and the short haul flights require a relatively low amount of Avios.  I think if you plan to use British Airways Avios in the U.S. you would benefit from this offer if you can manage the $20,000 spend.  This is much too rich for my blood as I like to diversify all the spending on different cards.

    If you are a big spending then I would definitely go for this card.  Otherwise, I’d let it pass and wait for a better offer.  They always come!  Just be patient!


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