If you are down to the wire now and you haven’t picked up that gift for a far away loved one, I have the perfect gift for you which requires very little time and no shipping!  Sound good, then keep reading!
If you have a Chase Sapphire or Chase Ink Bold card, then you can shop through the Ultimate Rewards portal.  They are currently offering 35 points per dollar on for subscriptions.  One $20 or less magazine subscription can earn you 700 points by double dipping.  Here’s what you need to do.
  1. Go to and determine the cost of subscription you would like to give your friend.
  2. Go to the Ultimate Rewards Mall by signing on to your Chase account and click on Ultimate Rewards.  Purchase a gift card for that value, let’s use $20 as the example with yourself as the recipient.  After you purchase the gift card, wait 30 minutes and you will have the gift card code emailed to you.
  3. Now go back to the Ultimate Rewards Mall and use the gift card code to purchase the magazine subscription for your loved one.  They will receive an nice e-card them tell their gift will be arriving soon.
You are done!  Easy as that!  You have just given a nice gift, spent $20 (reasonable) and earned 700 Ultimate Rewards Points.  I have done this myself, so I can verify it works and the points post within a week.  This is the perfect solution if you have procrastinated and you have little time to rush to post office, pay HUGE overnight or 2nd day charges to get them something before Christmas.
Have fun!  Enjoy your holidays and always remember to get your miles & points for any money going out of your pocket.  There most always a way to capitalize on your spending.
If you don’t really have at least one of these cards, I would highly recommend getting one or both.  The earning potential and flexibility of the Ultimate Rewards program is absolute the best right now in the miles & points world.  They are both offering 50,000 bonus points for signing up which would give you an instant 100,000 ($1,000 cash or $1,250 travel redemption). Earlier this year when I got my Chase Sapphire, I actually decided to cash out the points and had a check sent to me for $1,000.  
I am now earning more money in a high yield interest account waiting till I actually need to use this money.  In my budget planning I have not found a way other than cash money to pay for European train travel so this is what I’m saving this money for.  You can supposedly get more value from the points using them to transfer to airline miles and also booking travel on the Ultimate Rewards Mall but it’s all really where you need the help in your travel budget.  To give you an example of how these points are valued, I was offered $1,100 to purchase these points from me from a fellow Flyertalk member.  They needed them and valued them that high for their purposes.  You can transfer these points instantly to the following airlines: (not just yours but anyone’s).  And when I say instantly, I mean instantly they appear.  Click refresh on your browser and they are there!
You can buy gift cards (examples below)
There is so many things you can do with these points, it’s endless.  To see more about how the Ultimate Rewards Mall works, check out there demo site.  It’s a great demo site and really gives you a feel of the program and it’s flexibility.  
More details on these offers, here are the links:

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