Best Rewards Cards for Everyday Spend

More and more people are opting to buy the cheapest items and shop around to find them.  Those collecting miles and points are always looking to find places that give them the most rewards for their everyday purchases.  A majority of credit cards offer frequent flyer points that can be stocked up to increase your flyer miles.  Using the right rewards credit card for everyday purchases can be key in increasing your mile/point earnings.  Take a look at the list below to get some ideas of what rewards card are best to use in different categories.

CardAnnual FeeEstimated RebateNotes
JCB’s Marukai card for Hawaii and California residents$25~2.7% (assumes total of $10K spent annually)This card offers 1% cash back on your first $1K of purchases, 2% cash back on the next $1K of purchases, and 3% cash back thereafter each year. Earn an addition $50 bonus when you spend $5K or more yearly.
Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard$892X (2.2%)Points are worth 1 cent each, but you get 10% back when you redeem points for travel.
BOA BankAmericard Privileges with Travel Rewards$752.2X (2.2%)Redeem your miles for any travel expense. Base earning is 2X, but you will get an additional 10% annual bonus if you have a qualifying BOA account.
Fidelity Investment Rewards AmexNo Fee2X (2%)Card earns 2% back when points are deposited to an eligible Fidelity investment account.
Capital One Spark Business Card$592%Straight up cash back
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card$592X (2%)Redeem your miles for any travel expense.
Discover It$602X (2%)Redeem your miles for any travel expense.
Chase United MileagePlus Club Card$3951.96%By redeeming miles for otherwise expensive flights on United or Star Alliance partners, it’s possible to get far more than 1.96% value.
Starwood Preferred card (personal or business)$651.95%Use points for free nights at SPG properties or transfer to many airline programs at a favorable ratio. Depending on how you use these points it is possible to get much more than 1.95% value.
Amex Blue for BusinessNo Fee1.3X (1.7%)Card earns 1X + 30% annual bonus
Capital One QuickSilver RewardsNo Fee1.50%
Capital One Cash RewardsNo Fee1.50%1% cash back + 50% bonus each year. This has been changed to the QuickSilver Rewards card (above).
BOA BankAmericard Travel RewardsNo Fee1.5X (1.5%)Redeem your points for any travel expense.
Chase British Airways Visa$951.25X (1.61%)It’s possible to get far more value than is reflected in the fair trading price by redeeming for short non-stop flights on partner airlines.
Chase Freedom VisaNo Fee1.1X (1.44%)When the Freedom card is paired with a Chase checking account, you will automatically get a 10% bonus each year on all points earned. To get the most out of the points earned, you or a significant other should have a Sapphire Preferred® Card, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus card.
Chase Sapphire Preferred$951.07X (1.4%)The Sapphire Preferred® Card automatically earns a 7% annual dividend each year effectively boosting base earnings to 1.07X.
Club Carlson Visa$75 (or $60)5X (1.25%)Despite the low Fair Trading Price, it’s possible to get far more value than this

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