It’s great to have your flight covered with miles and your hotel stay covered on points but you also need some “free cash” if you’re going to have a completely free vacation.  So I always recommend focusing some of our earnings on cash back credit cards.  I’m currently cranking up some earnings for a fun bachelorette weekend I’m planning for my new sister-in-law.  I’ve been using my American Express Blue Cash Preferred card at the grocery store for 6% cash back and also my American Express SimplyCash at office supply stores and for my cellphone and telephone bills.

Below is a list of Cash Back credit cards I believe are worth having for their earning abilities. This list is broken down by bonus categories.  Take a look and see which cards you could maximize earning some cash with your regular spending and gift card purchases (read more on a great earning strategy here).  Purchasing gift cards in stores with bonus categories and then liquidating is a great way to earn extra cash.  You can liquidate gift cards in various ways by cashing them out with a pin number at point-of-sale transactions for Visa/Mastercard card types or selling them online.  Check out this page for more info on selling gift cards and gift card churning. Note that some of these cards earn you points that can be converted to cash either in the form of a credit on your statement or a cash back check.

Office Supply Stores

Drug Stores

Grocery Stores

Department Stores

Gas Stations



Airlines / Travel

Car Rental

Phone, Cellular, Internet

Books (Including Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Rotating Categories

 Cash Back Cards for Students


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