Bermuda Travel Tips

Bermuda homes

If you love heat, then you will adore Bermuda. Bermuda has a climate of heat, humidity, and warm winds to make every beachgoer’s dream come true.
Communication in Bermuda
If you are looking to find a relaxing, restful vacation but still need connection to the outside world, you are in luck.
Telecommunications in Bermuda are among some of the fastest, most reliable anywhere. If you are in need of internet services (even wireless), or fax and telephone service, you will feel secure knowing that the island of Bermuda although quaint has what it takes for your business needs.
Money in Bermuda has the same status as the United States dollar. There are plenty of ATMs found on the island of Bermuda so there is no need to worry about having to exchange money if you are not from the United States.
Cash is a great way to bargain with the locals for their local and traditional goods.
What to Wear
Typically, since Bermuda is hot and humid, dressing lightly and with light layering for evening breezes are a good idea. Gentlemen may need a sport jacket for evening attire and ladies may wish to bring a lightweight sweater for evenings out, as well.
Expect to wear your bathing suit much of the time during the day, with shorts and a cover-up. This way, if you choose to partake in a water activity, you will be appropriately dressed.
Gaining Entry
Gaining entry to Bermuda will require a round trip ticket. Travelers must have an up-to-date passport showing citizenship and the right to regain entry into their country of origin. Check for rules and regulations for children, as they will need a passport as well.
For some, birth certificates and marriage certificates are necessary for travel, as maiden names change when married. Check with the proper authorities to be certain you have the correct and most up-to-date information. Then double-check that information.
Travel Deals
Be sure to check with your local travel agent ( or Miles Momma Travel) or surf the web for great travel deals to Bermuda. Make sure you do a compare and contrast on the different deals and then contact hotels and airfare directly.
Often times when you travel off-season or with a group, you will reap tremendous rewards on a great deal. Also, if you are a first-time visitor, feel free to mention that. You never know, you may just get a lot more Bermuda for a little less money.

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