Good Morning Readers,
Just wanted to say “Hello”!  Thank you for all your well wishes & prayers for my surgery on Thursday.  It went very well.  I am on the road to recovery now.  Was a bit rough with pain management & nausea the first few days but I think I’m past the worst now.  I’m in bed on my laptop right now.  It’s so nice to be home from the hospital & out of pain.  I’m feel lucky I’ve got my laptop (gift from my hubby) to keep me connected to my world online.  It was only a few days but I felt so disconnected.  My hubby has been great taking care of the kids and me.  He is an amazing Dad & husband.  I feel like I’m being so pampered.  It’s really weird being waited on by my family when I’m use to taking care of them.  My husband even filled in coaching for me this Saturday.  My son’s team (which I coach) just happened to have their first basketball game this Saturday.  Boy our schedule is so packed right now.  It’s crazy busy as I’m sure it is for all of you too.
Again, thank you for your thoughtful notes!  I really appreciate them!  It was special!  I love communication in general from my readers and enjoy being connected with you here online.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  Keep reading this weekend as I’ll be posting some Radisson promo updates and other new deals.

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