AWD # Name / System:

TUEA002 – 2 Free Reward Weekend days
A076600 Compuserve Travel Forum
A108300 Unknown
A108303 Costco ***Good Rate***
A108325 Costco ***Good Rate***
A108335 Costco ***Good Rate***
A113400 State of FL employee rate–>EXCELLENT RATE!!
A153700 Avis Employee Discount Rate
A359800 Unknown
A733315 Priority Pass
B021615 Walmart
B116099 Cheap Premium Car rate at LAX
B254700 Savers Clubs of America
B335100 Unknown
B449700 Unknown, Supposedly a great rate-Yes!!!!
B790000 Entertainment
B868700 Unknown, Supposedly a great rate
B900000 Generic AAA code
B935221 Sam’s Club
B973000 Gusto Card
B999000 Unknown
D002807 Amateur Sports Assistance Program ***Expired***
D005297 Amateur Sports Assistance Program ***NEW***
D005620 Unknown
D086533 Marshall School of Business of USC **Good Rate**
D086689 American Association of Engineers-35% Discount?
D331000 Unknown
J098440 Canon Communications
J868801 Unknown-As good as D002807?
K020500 America West FlightFund
K163324 Florida Space Coast Golf Association, AAU Rate
K197800 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
K250544 Underage Discount Rate
K305600 Unknown
K305800 Unknown
K306000 Marco Polo
K501300 Unknown-Better than D002807? Not so far!
K666403 Unknown
K747902 Unknown
K774100 Avis Online Discount
K817100 American Airlines AAdvantage
K817421 Unknown
K817600 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles
K817700 Unknown
K851000 Hilton HHonors
K860600 Starwood Preferred Guest-Great for Hawaii
L093590 Kellwood ***Max $3K Liablity***Good Rate***
L149332 Optimum Club?-Good Discount in STL
L237904 “for the best discount”? Yes, in some places
P400000 Tourism Association ***Good Rate***
T844211 Unknown
Z284372 Cheaper than Costco Rate?




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