I don’t know about you but I’ve just started thinking about holiday shopping.  You can’t help it with the stores putting things up so early.  I think I even saw some Christmas stuff in August.  I was just shocked!  Really!  It’s getting so ridiculous how early the stores are pushing everything on you!  But on the other hand, I know many people like to plan and also spread out their spending.  So if you are like me, you’ll be looking to maximize every dollar you spend.

So I just wanted to remind you of all the shopping portals you have available to use.  There are a ton.  Almost every   major loyalty brands has their own shopping mall.  Be sure to shop through a shopping portal when making online purchases.  But first do a quick search on one of these sites:  Evreward.comRewardsDB.comFrequentFlier Mile SearchNerd WalletCashback HolicsCash ReporterCash Back Reporter or WebFlyer Mileage Mall Search, which can help you locate the best rewards earning opportunity for each purchase.

Also, don’t forget about double dipping.  If you have a Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred, you can buy gift cards and then use those gift cards to purchase gifts through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  The best option is the Chase Ink Bold & Chase Ink Plus because you can purchase gift cards at any office supply store (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples) and receive 5 points per dollar.  The power this card holds because of this ability is huge!  You then use those gift cards to buy merchandise through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.  The Ultimate Rewards Mall is no doubt going to have huge point bonuses during the holiday times for certain stores.  So you will likely be able to get some merchandise at 20 points per dollar and more.  Who knows what the deals will be this year!  Black Friday should be fun too!  
Note:  Many times the Ultimate Rewards Mall will indicate that you don’t receive points when using gift cards but then you still receive the points.  So YMMV (your miles may vary).

If you’ve been on the fence about getting the Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus because of the minimum spend of $10,000, I think the holiday time would be a perfect opportunity to help you meet that easier.  Also, there are so many “creative” ways to meet that minimum spend.  Check out my comprehensive list here.  I was able to meet it myself earlier this year and I know it held me back for quite a while.  Then I started really looking at all my expenses and the creative methods I knew about and I realized it was very doable in the time period given.  I haven’t had a chance to add the new American Express Bluebird to my list or write about it yet, but I will.  This prepaid card looks very promising to be a useful tool for minimum spends as well as paying any bill you have even your mortgage and rent.  I ordered mine last week and will start testing.  Expect a detail most coming soon.

Well, here are my shopping portal directories for your reference.


Air Canada
Aeroplan EStore
Iberia Shopping Mall
Air France
Air France Shopping
KLM Dutch Royal Dutch Airlines
Flying Blue Shopping 
Japan Airlines
JAL Shopping Mall
Air New Zealand
Fly Buys 
Shop True Online Mall 
World Shop
All Nippon Airways
Astyle Shopping Mall 
Singapore Airlines
Kris Shop Mall 
American Express
Bonus Points Mall
Southwest Airlines
Rapid Rewards Shopping Mall
Amtrak Guest Rewards
Spirit Airlines
Spirit Air Mall
British Airways
BA Miles eStore
Swiss Airlines
Swiss Shopping Online 
Cathy Pacific
CXcitement Shop
Virgin America
The Red Store 
Virgin Atlantic Airlines
Shops Away 

Finnair Airlines
Finnair PlusShop

Qantas Airlines
Qantas Shopping Mall
Frontier Airlines
Early Returns Mall

Hawaiian Airlines Mall


Choice Privileges
Choice Privileges Mall 
Marriott Hotels
Shop MyWay Mall
Priority Club
Priority Club Shopping Mall
Hilton Hotels
HHonors Shop-to-Earn mall
Ultimate Rewards
American Express
Membership Rewards Mall
Thanks Again Greenpoint Memolink
MyPoints Rewards Mall Capital One 
No Hassle Rewards
Shop Discover Mal

Bank of America
WorldPoints Shopping Mall

Wells Fargo
Earn More Mall 

Thank You Citi Rewards Mall 
BigCrumbs Shop at Home Mr. Rebates
Ebates FatWallet Great Canadian Rebates
Exrabux QuickRewards Coupon Catus
Sunshine Rewards Send Earnings
Top Cash Back Be Frugal  


 Note: These directories are always available on the Miles Momma site.  You can find them here.

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