Just received an email from AMEX that they have increased their Gold Delta Skymiles offer from a 20,000 sign up bonus to 30,000.  This is a decent deal since the annual fee is waived and the minimum spend is only $500 which is very low.  I’ve seen higher offers though in the past that’s why I say decent.  But this is the best currently offered.  If you need the miles with Delta and you can afford a few points off your credit score I’d pick up this card.  I’m thinking about it myself since I haven’t had this card in a couple years. To my reader Ed who was looking for free easy domestic ticket on Delta, here it is. Easy deal!  I you need help with the minimum spend check out my Resource page and the link for Ways To Meet Minimum Spends.  You should have a ton of ideas to easily meet the $500 minimum spend.

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