Boy, was anyone else blown away by how fast AMEX posted the $25 credit for the Shop Small promo?  I shopped like many of you on November 26, Small Business Saturday with my AMEX.  Spent $125 on all my registered cards.  Late in the day on 11/26 I received an email thanking me for participating in the promo and telling me I should see a credit within 3-5 days. I’m happy just with the email.  Then the next day 11/27, I check my account and two of my credit cards have already received a credit.  Wow!  Now, I’m really blown away.  The other credits hit the next day.  Wow!  All I can say is AMEX is first class!  No doubt about it!  You got to love them after this promo!  If you don’t have an AMEX there are some really good offers out right now.  I’ll do a post on my favorite offers soon.
So tell me how was your experience??  Have you received your credit quickly like me?? 

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