I have called AMEX and confirmed that you can receive multiple $25 credits for the SHOP SMALL -Small Business Saturday promo, November 26, this coming Saturday.  The AMEX representative said I would receive a $25 credit for each card I currently hold that is register.  So I’ve already registered all 4 cards.  So that means I will receive 4 twenty five dollar credits ($100) plus I also received a $25 Gift Card from their other promo, a total of $125 from AMEX this holiday season.  I am so loving them!! Important note, be sure to find the registered small businesses in your area on their Facebook page.  The rep said that only charges at those registered small businesses would receive a credit.  So don’t go buy something at Kohl’s or Best Buy and then be all crazy when you don’t get your credit.  The concept of this AMEX promo is really to bring business into the “little guys” pocket.  Boy, AMEX is really scoring points with me all the time.  No pun intended!!!  It seems this year it has rained points from them.  Can’t wait for their next 100k offer.  I’m ready!  Now, I’m off to decide where to spend my $$.  What are you going to do with your  $$?


  1. Yep…that's what I was told. I guess they have some way to track it. I was surprised too! I'm going to play it safe and stay with the list on Facebook.

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