Today, the official announcement came from American Airlines and US Airways that they were merging and the merger should be completed by the end of the year.  I received emails, tweets, Fox New Alerts, and even heard it over the radio .  It was of course all the buzz all over the Blogosphere!  You can read all the juice details here:

US Airways Announcement
American Airlines announcement 

Now on to the business of what matters to us mile collectors.  This merger represents a tremendous double earning opportunity just like when United and Continental merged a couple years back.  I remember having a field day earning lots of Continental miles.  Anyone, remember the Chase Continental 25,000 bonus miles checking account offers.  Those were so awesome and I don’t think they even required a direct deposit.  Oh, it was so fun!

Now with the American and US Airways merger you can go after miles in each program knowing that your accounts will be fully combined.  Who can really say what program benefits will stay and which will go.  Will we be happy or sad?  But we do know 100% are miles will be merged.  I would suggest going after every mile you can possibly earned in both programs this year.  I know I’ll be doing that myself and in fact, I’ve already started when I applied for the Barclay US Airways Premier World Mastercard.  There were lots of rumors of the merger and I wanted to jump on it.  This card will soon be obsolete.  It’s not for sure which bank the airline will decide to go with but my guess is Citibank.  Getting this card is hands down a must to me.  This card is the total “PACK OF GUM” offer!  If you have read me for some time, you know what I mean when I say “PACK OF GUM” offer.  For those new readers, it’s the sweetest credit card sign up bonus that is ever offered.  You simply apply, get approved and charge a pack of gum and receive your bonus miles.  In this case, Barclays is offering 50,000 Dividend Miles (40,000 after first purchase) which is the same as American miles.  Offer is a bit deceiving with the 50,000 promotion because you have to do a 10,000 balance transfer to get the remaining 10,000 miles which I DO NOT recommend.  I just received my card in the mail today and headed over the CVS for my “PACK OF GUM“.  I went for watermelon.  Kids love that flavor!


By the way, I just closed my previous US Airways card last November and was approved again in February 2013.  I had open the US Airways card the previous year in 2011 and closed to avoid the fees and apply again at a later time.  I highly recommend you to get this card.   Here’s why.

How much do these miles cost me?

  • Pack of gum – $1.57
  • 2-3 points on my credit score for the inquiry
  • Annual fee: $89

What do I receive:

  • 40,000 Dividend or American Airlines miles (after first purchase)
  • Two companion tickets every year . Redemptions starting at $99
  • 5,000 miles discount on award seats – Only 35,000 to Europe Off Season.  US Domestic tickets for only 20,000 miles
  • One complimentary US Airways Club® day pass every year
  • First Class Priority Boarding on all flights

Talk about a slam dunk!  No more said!  Huge value for the mile collector.


The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

  • Earn up to 50,000 bonus miles on qualifying transactions
  • Exclusive: Redeem for flights for 5,000 fewer miles
  • Enjoy 2 miles per $1 on US Airways purchases
  • Earn 1 mile per $1 spent everywhere else
  • Two roundtrip companion tickets each year
  • Zone 2 priority boarding on every flight
  • First class check-in
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details

Apply Now!


I will be posting more on other great earning opportunities and how to really maximize on the American & US Airways merged.  I’ll be looking for every opportunity and will keep you informed.  So stay tuned!  But be sure to grab these miles!


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