AEROPLAN (Air Canada) -10 miles/per $ on Ebay & Others

Just a quick FYI!  I was doing some birthday shopping online this afternoon for my son’s party.  Decided I’d shop at Ebay since party supplies and most things always seem to be a great bargain there.  So as I previously posted, I signed into my Aeroplan account and then click through to their shopping portal.  Just so happens that they are offering 10x the miles on all purchases until March 29, 2012.  My lucky day!  So I just wanted to let you know it’s a good time to shop through their portal.
As I mentioned in a my previous post, Aeroplan is currently the only program where you can earn miles for Ebay purchases.  Right now Ebay has no other miles or points relationships.  Keep in mind, these purchases are on not  Same stuff, just a different web address.  But be sure to sign into your Aeroplan account first, and then click through their shopping portal.  
Once you click over to you can begin shopping and it will track your purchase.  Also, keep in mind that if you go into and add things into your cart they will not appear in when you sign in.  Just found this out.  For some reason does not have that capability yet.  It’s a great new feature that added and I like it.
So if you have any shopping to do this month and need to add to your Aeroplan (Air Canada) account then take advantage of this great offer.  If you aren’t a member with Aeroplan you can join here and get a 1,000 bonus miles after your next flight

Thanks to a reader comment I have just become aware of another source to receive points/miles from Ebay purchases.  It is also a non US based website.  Seems as though Ebay as pulled as it’s U.S. relationships but not international ones (for now anyway).  You can earn 2 Velocity points per $1 through Australian’s via Velocity’s Frequent Flyer Australian program.  Click here for details


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