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Hot tip coming via View from the Wing.  You can currently receive complimentary Platinum status when joining A|Club, Accor Hotels rewards loyalty program.  You will receive your Platinum status immediately upon sign up.  I just signed up a second account for myself and Platinum status appeared in the left top box with my new account number.
I have personally never said at Accor Hotels but you can use this status to get “status matches” with other hotel loyalty programs that allow status matches.  I have read reports of Priority Club & Club Carlson matching Accor’s status.  I will try requesting a status match with all hotel loyalty programs I’m affiliated with.  Why not!  It’s only an email that takes about 5 minutes to write a request email and attach a pdf file showing your status.  I’ll report back on my progress.  Grab this offer today, don’t delay.  These kinds of links go viral and just turned off quickly.  Thanks Gary @ View from the Wing!!!
Special note: Be thoughtful about when you ask for the upgrade in relationship to when you will be traveling to certain brand hotels.  I just almost made a key mistake.  I was going to ask for an upgrade with Starwood but I stopped to think when I would be using my Starwood points next.  I won’t be using or stay at Starwood until April/May of next year.  So in this case, I should wait until just before my complimentary status is up with Accor and then request the upgrade with Starwood.  This would hopefully allow me to attain the status (if granted) with Starwood during our families 2013 United Kingdom three week adventure.  This would really make our Starwood stays so wonderful.  Will see if I can swing it!  Just thought I’d share my strategy thinking with you.

Status Match Request Letter – Sample
I am writing to request a status match with Best Western. I currently have Platinum status with Accor Hotel – A/Club program. I am planning to start spending more nights at Best Western this year and would like to try out the benefits of your Diamond Elite program to compare.  You will find attached a screen print copy of my Platinum status from my A/Club account.  Please let me know if you need any further information.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter on my account. I greatly appreciate it!
*Change hotel & top elite program to match according to each program.
Marriott – Click on link & fill out form.  Upon reply, send copy of pdf file w/status
Hilton Honors – hhonors@hilton.com – U.S. email
Hyatt – Email: goldpassport@hyatt.com

Marriott – I receive a email confirming my upgrade in less than 24 hours.  Sweet!!!
Best Western:  Diamond 
Club Carlson – Would not match to top level Concierge.  Said it must be earned.  They would match only to Gold.
Priority Club: Platinum
Starwood: Gold
Hilton: Gold
Marriott: Silver
Hyatt: Silver 

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