AA DINING BONUS – 2 miles per dollar


If you aren’t registered for the AA Dining Get Ahead Bonus be sure you do.  It’s fabulous!  I love these bonuses for things you are already doing like eating at your favorite local restaurants.

You must sign into you AA Dining account and register for the promo.  Then be sure all the credit cards you might remotely use are registered.  Never know what card you might have with you.  Then spend $75 or more at participating restaurants (not an individual spend but an accumulative spend).  After spending $75 by 3/31/2012, you are now eligible to earn 2 miles per dollar over and above the 1 mile per dollar you already earn.  So that is 3 miles per dollar.  Pretty sweet promo!  This offer is good until 4/30/2012.  So now is the time to pick up the tab for all your friends when you eat out.  Actually, you can pay and just have them pay you.  That way you get all those extra miles.

If you aren’t enrolled in the program, you’ll get 1,000 AA miles just for joining.
AA DINING – 1,000 miles for new members when you spend $30 or more on a single dine within the first 30 days and complete an online review.  If you haven’t signed up for the other airline dining programs you can find the sign up bonuses on the “Rookie Corner” page.

US AIRWAYS Dining – Get Ahead Bonus
2 miles per dollar

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