A Sun-Rich Mexican Retreat

As travel corridors and restrictions ease around the world, it’s time to gather plenty of sun before the winter hits back. For a lot of families, the year has been low in vitamin – which is generated in direct sun exposure – as a result of the pandemic. However, as more and more destinations have introduced safety measures to protect travelers and holidaymakers, now’s the best time for a sunny retreat. 

Sun is, of course, everywhere. But if you are willing to make it your post-pandemic trip memorable and unique, Mexico is the place to go. Why Mexico? Because the sun has always played a significant role in the history of the country. It’s no wonder that the Mexican corn tortilla is similar in shape and color to the sun is the favorite source of energy! In Pre-Hispanic cultures, the light of the sun was converted into energy in a variety of rituals.

A beautiful vacation experience

You may not have any ritual in mind except for lounging in the sun, and that is precisely what Mexico-based retreats are about. Aim for a luxury resort by the beach where you can dive in for a quick and refreshing swim. Unsure where to start? Take a look at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews that give you an overview of some of the most luxurious resort hotels in Mexico and around. As a VIP member, you can access gourmet restaurants, private beach clubs, and second-to-none entertainment shows, giving you the best kind of holiday under the sun. The Club is a safe address, as it’s been a major actor in the Mexican economy for many years. The staff is experienced, friendly, and discrete to help you enjoy your sunny vacation to the fullest. 

How can you avoid the famous Cancun beaches? 

If you want to improve your holiday suntan, you need to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful and famous beach areas in Mexico, Cancun. With miles and miles of beaches to choose from, Cancun offers a great mix of scenic landscapes, sandy gloriousness, and it’s not far from historic Mayan ruins. What’s not to love? 

Puerto Morelos is the ideal destination for holidaymakers who crave some peace away from the crowds, as most people get to Puerto Morelos in Cancun for its quiet environment. The Tulum Ruins Beach is south of Cancun and offers stunning views of the Mayan ruins over the sandy beach. An Instagram-worthy trip for all! 

Warmth welcome from the population

The sun plays a day-to-day role in all interactions in Mexico. After spending several months in self-isolation, Mexico will make you want to go out and enjoy the fresh air again! Mexican cuisine is a strong cultural heritage, even recognized by UNESCO, and dedicated to regional nuances and sun-born ingredients. Corn-based dishes are a strong reminder that the sun is never far away! Talking about sunny disposition, you’ll soon find that the Mexican population is warm and welcoming, inviting foreigners to explore events, cultural sites, and glorious food!

Sun is not just good for your mood. It is a source of power in everyday life, creating economic attraction, growing food, and soothing worried minds. A sunny vacation is just what the doctor’s prescribed to recover from the pandemic blues. 

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