Create Your Bucket List: What % of the world have you traveled?

map of the world - world traveler

Are you an adventure seeker?  Are you dreaming of traveling the entire world in your lifetime?  Well, if so, there is a great new interactive site that will help show you what percentage of the world you’ve traveled so far.
You can map out where you’ve been in just a few minutes or more if you’ve traveled to many places already. My Travel Map will display just how much of the planet you’ve explored so far and where you have left to travel.  This map is perfect when planning your next globetrotting adventures!

You simply input a little bit of information like: “I was born there,” “I have lived there,” and “I have visited there.”  The more information you enter, the map will keep track of what percentage of the world you’ve traveled.
Once you’ve finished you can share this map with friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. or wherever you like.   Sound fun!  Start now at My Travel Map!  Have fun!

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