Looks like it may be possible to get the 80,000 Chase Priority Club offer that is currently targeted.  Some have had luck and some have not and only received the 60,000 bonus point offer.  If you can afford another Chase card this year, I’d read the two threads listed below thoroughly and give it a try.  I think with Chase you have a good chance of having them “bump the offer”.  When you see people say this, it means that you apply for a card and shortly after you find another better bonus offer for that same card.  You then contact your lender via email or phone and ask them to give you the same offer.  Many times the lender will give you the same offer bonus just for asking.  Sometimes, they are really strict about it being a “targeted offer” and won’t budge.  It’s always worth a try.  And when I say try, I don’t mean just calling once.  In my experience, you can call 5 minutes later and another representative will approve something the previous representative won’t.  You must be persistent.  Sometimes, you’ll have better luck with email correspondence and sometimes you’ll have better luck over the phone.  Doesn’t hurt to try it all.  Never give up without really TRYING!!!
Flyertalk link:
Milepoint link:
What will 80,000 Priority Club points give you?  Well, if you can find somewhere you’d like to stay on their Points Break list then you are GOLD!  Points Break rewards nights are only 5,000 points.  That would give you 16 nights.  This is the ultimate score!  Here is their regular rewards night redemption chart.  80,000 points would give you:
8 nights @ 10,000 pts/per night
5 nights @ 15,000 pts/per night
4 nights @ 20,000 pts/per night
3 nights @ 25,000 pts/per night
2 nights @ 30,000 pts/per night
2 nights @ 40,000 pts/per night

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