spirit-airlines-hate-on-us-promo-2Yes, you did read that title right!  Spirit Airlines would like to give you 8,000 FREE miles just for telling them what you hate about their airlines.  Seems strange huh!  Well, Spirit Airlines has been know to have crazy promotions and this is definitely an eye catcher.

“Let’s clear the air. Hate on us – or any airline of your choosing –and we’ll send you 8,000 FREE SPIRIT miles.You’ll be well on your way to earning an award flight with us. We think that once you understand how we fly-how our total price is, on average, 40% lower than other airlines-you just might learn to love us.”

This promotion takes less than a few minutes to complete.  I picked up 8,000 miles for each member in our family.  That’s 32,000 Spirit Airlines miles for us.

That’s it!  Enjoy your free miles!

Now, what can you do with 8,000 Spirit Airlines.  Who in the world is this airline anyway?  Well, if you are like me you’ve probably never flown on Spirit Airlines and are just grabbing these free miles because their free.

Spirit Airlines is a budget airlines similar to Southwest Airlines and others.  The fact is though according to customer reports from 2013, Spirit was ranked worst airline in America, with Virgin Airline ranked the highest and Southwest second.  So it doesn’t make you want to rush out and jump on their airline.  But sometimes you might be in a situation where you have a short flight you need to save some money on and are willing to give them a shot to save some bucks.  I did this once with a Ryan Air flight to Dublin.  I’d read alot of bad stuff but I was looking to save money and I learn that all the reviews were right.  Our family survived the short flight.  Not my favorite flight ever but I might do it again to save a few bucks from between European countries.  I’ve learn first hand how awful their customer service is, their strict checked baggage and carry-on baggage fees are, and how the employees actually earn bonuses to charge you fees.  That being said, I’m willing to “hate on” Spirit Airlines for 8,000 free miles and give them a try for free!  I’m thinking I could use these miles for a one-way flight to the Caribbean.

What will 8,000 Spirit miles get you?  Almost a free one-way which starts at 10,000 miles unless you have the Spirit Airlines Mastercard.  If you are a Spirit Mastercard holder can get a free one-way for only 2,500 off peak.  So that would be (3) one-way tickets if you are willing to open the Spirit Airlines Mastercard.

Where does Spirit Airlines fly?  Check out their route map here


  • Baggage Fees:  Fees are charged for checked bags and carry-on bags too.
  • Fee of $10 charge to print your boarding pass at the airport.  Be sure to print it at home before you come.
  • Everything served on the plane cost you, no freebie there, even water.  So bring your wallet!  I wonder if they’d let you pay for your water with some of the free 8,000 miles!
  • Spirit Airlines miles expire after 3 months or more of inactivity.
  • You can not gift or share you miles.  You can redeem your miles for someone else though.

Bottomline, Spirit Airlines is a total budget airline and clearly has much to do to improve.  But free miles are free miles.  They are trying to get to give them a try.  And you never know if they could come in handy in a desperate moment!


Miles will be posted to your FREE SPIRIT® account within 10 days of submission. Each participant may receive one (1) offer. Except where prohibited, participation in the Promotion constitutes recipient’s consent to Sponsor’s and its agents’ use of recipient’s name, likeness, opinions and/or hometown and state for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. Submitting your hate feedback is not a means to submit correspondence to our Customer Support team. For assistance, visit customersupport.spirit.com.

Spirit will award up to one (1) billion miles for the Promotion and may modify or cancel the offer at any time. All award travel is subject to availability. The minimum miles required for one-way flight purchased with a Spirit MasterCard credit card is 2,500 miles with taxes and starting at $2.50 ($5.60 after 07/20/2014). The minimum miles required for a one-way flight purchased with any other credit or debit card is 10,000 miles, with taxes government fees starting at $2.50 ($5.60 after 07/20/2014). Miles may be used in combination with already accrued miles that are available in the member’s FREE SPIRIT account balance. FREE SPIRIT program terms and conditions apply. Visit spirit.com for more details, and to view your FREE SPIRIT account balance.

*Based on US DOT data for the 12 months ended 9/30/13 adjusted for differences in length of haul


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