Bye bye……. 75,000 mile AA card deals.  🙁 : (  They finally died!  Couldn’t last forever!

While the Citibank 50,000 AA card deal that just came out is not quite as sweet, it still is 2 FREE domestic tickets or 1 international ticket on American Airlines.  Or if you & the hubby get both you’ll have 4 free domestic tickets for your family.  But if you really want to maximize this deal then get all three versions offered – 2 personal Visa & AMEX & 1 business and you score will be 150,000 AA miles or 300,000 for couples.

For those unfamiliar with applying for Citi cards – you can get two personal cards on the same day and it will only be one inquiry on your credit and the credit line will be identical on both cards. Some people recommend using two browsers, and applying one right after another. Back in September of 2010,  I applied for 1 personal & 1 business card(75,000 offer) on different days and I had no issues getting approved for both.  I suppose though it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you want to go for both applications, then use two different browsers.

General rules:
1) There are many types of Citi cards – Visa, American Express and Mastercard (usually the least lucrative) and business versions of each.  If you’ve gotten one of them in the past, you should just apply for a different type and you should be eligible.

2) If its been over 18 months since you’ve been approved for a card you currently have, it may be possible to apply for it again and get approved as a new card-member.  I’m not going to be able to apply for this 50,000 offer since I applied last September.  If the offer sticks around for awhile I will give it another round as I have already canceled my 2 cards that I applied for last year before the annual fee was due.  Note: Always be sure to keep a log of all your credit cards, so you will know when the annual fee is due and you can either cancel the card or continue if you choose and pay the fee.  The only card I think right now is worth the annual fee is the Starwood American Express.  The Starwood program has so many redemption options that it makes the fee worth it.  Not to mention the value of Starwood points is extremely high.

3) If you wait 61+ days after getting your two personal cards, you can get a business card as well – essentially bringing your haul to 150,000 AA miles.  Pretty sweet since there is NO ANNUAL FEE on any of these cards.

4) If you apply for a business card some banks will ask you for documentation of your business and some will not.  I have never been asked for documentation.   Remember you qualify for a business card if you do any kind of business activities that you need to separate from your regular activities.  I was actually told this information from a credit card application representative.  For example, do you sell your crafts/anything online at Ebay.  Well, there’s your home business!  You don’t necessarily have to have a legal business name.  You can apply with just your personal name.

For more details on this deal, go directly to Citibank’s website and read the fine print for yourself.

Each card has a $2,500 spend within the first 4 months.
Annual fee waived for the first year!
(Read my “How to meet minimum spends” section under my RESOURCES page)

Key benefits:
– Two Admirals Club one-day passes (~$100 value)
• 2  AA miles for every $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases and 1 AAdvantage® mile for every $1 spent on other purchases.
• Reduced mileage awards for Citi cardholders

These are great offers and a super way to boost your American Airlines account or jump start it!  It’s FREE tickets for your next family vacation, sitting in your TRAVEL BANK!!
My scored of 150,000 AA is taking my family to Great Britain on one of our next adventures!!!  I can’t wait!

Remember, like the Frugal Travel Guy always says, “Your credit is one of your most valuable assets”.  Keep it good and always work on building it up higher and higher.  Currently, my scores are 789, 792 & 803.  I’m working to get them all above 800.  I’m enjoying the benefits of FREE travel that travel/rewards credit cards offer while increasing my credit scores.  Remember to always monitor your credit and learn how to improve it.  If you need help, check out my CREDIT MONITORING section on the left pink bar.

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