7,500 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for Dish Network

If you’ve been considering switching to a satellite television provider why not check out this offer from Dish Network and earn 7,500 Amtrak Guest Rewards points.  DIRECTV has a much better offer though of 25,000 American Airlines miles for their service.  You can find that offer on the Miles Momma site under Bonuses- TV/Utility Services.  They have recently extend the expiration date to 5/1/2013.  7,500 Amtrak Guest Rewards points isn’t a huge score but if you are set on Dish Network and plan to switch, be sure you grab these points.

Keep in mind with both of these services, they require a two year commitment and generally give you a super low cost for your first year and your second year cost goes up significantly.  It still could make sense though for you depending upon what you are currently paying for television service.  Two years ago, I did the DIRECTV offer and saved huge on the first year and the second year was the same cost as we were previously paying with Dish Network.  If you aren’t in love with your provider, theoritically one could switch back and forth every two years for whatever bonus is currently running.  Just a thought!  I know my husband won’t let me mess with the TV service though.  He already tolerates all my other crazy mile and point creative strategies.  😆

OFFER LINK: http://www.homesavingsshop.com/Dish/?sid=1516&affid

Offer valid till 5/21/2013

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