Well, it looks like this sweet deal may already be dead.  They must have got enough customers and are pulling the plug.  Just got an update on a Flyertalk thread that I’m following that someone was not able to apply through a link and looking for an active one.  I’ve just check the link on my site and it now goes to a 50,000 point offer.  I also check the link on other bloggers sites, so it seem some links are not working and other just show a 50,000 bonus point offer and not the 70,000.  I do know that the application link from this the Flyertalk thread if working.  The landing page is not.

So, if you are on the fence with this deal, I think you need to act quickly and apply through the 50k offer link.  I have a copy of the landing page I previously saved on my computer and I have uploaded onto my site if you should need it.  I would download it and print a copy in case they give you trouble and want to only honor the 50,000 bonus point offer. LINK

Good luck and as always, if you need help or have questions, feel free to ask me.  P.S.  I don’t receive any referral for this offer but it is the best out there.  I have received my card last week and quickly bought a cup of coffee, so my points should be deposited by the end of the month probably.  FREE hotel accommodations for my next family vacation in 2012.  I’m planning a East Coast trip and going to maximize this offer to equal 11 FREE nights for our trip.  This is what I call……SWEET!!!  Absolutely FREE!!!  Deals don’t get better than this!

Here is the break down on the point usage

4 nights (category 1)  7,500 points/night x 4 = 30,000
1 free night for redeeming 4

4 nights (category 2 ) 10,000 points/night x 4 = 40,000
1 free night for redeeming 4

Plus 1 free night certificate they give you in your Marriott account at sign up. 11 FREE NIGHTS!!!
Remember you must use this certificate within 6 months or it will expire.
You can use it on Category 1 -4.
It’s not the Ritz Carlton but it’s good enough for our purposes for this trip.  We just need a crash pad.  Won’t be spending much time at the hotel or in the room.  Marriott Courtyard & Fairfield Inn & Suites is just fine!

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