Today, I was checking my Award Wallet like I do every day and to my pleasant viewing, 7,000 U.S. Airways miles hit my account.  I have now received a total of 10,000 miles for my 8 hits.  My hubby & kids also received 3,000 miles for their 4 easy hits. (See my next post for how easy these are)  So total for our family so far is:
0,000 Momma’s account + 9,000 (hubby & 2 kids). 
*See my next post for the complete cost break down on all my hits & total cost I’ve spent to attain these hits (miles).

I have completed all the hits I think I will do, so I’m just waiting now for all of them to post to my account and for my bonus miles to be credited.  How are you doing on the U.S. Grand Slam?  Any questions, feel free to email me so I can help you.

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