Enroll in e-Miles and earn 500 FREE United MileagePlus miles.  Here are some easy free miles to extend the expiration of your United miles.


  • Receive 500 MileagePlus award miles when you join and activate your e-Miles account by 6/30/2013
  • Plus, earn an extra 100 e-Miles miles after you join and complete your profile


e-Miles is a free program that allows you to earn United MileagePlus® award miles, just by reading and responding to marketing messages that have been preselected to match your interests.

  • Enroll and complete your profile
    Answer a few questions about your interests and the kinds of marketing messages that you’d like to see.
  • View ads and tell us what you think
    Start receiving e-Miles marketing messages by email and one-Miles.com. Choose the ads you want to see and answer a few questions.
  • Earn miles and redeem for Award Travel faster


  • Click on this promotion link:  https://www.e-miles.com/enroll.do?ic=unitedcce1
  • Enter your name, email address, and United MileagePlus number.
  • Click Submit!  Now, check your email for a message that will be sent that contains your “validation code” to complete the enrollment process.  Enter the validation code and complete your profile information.
  • You will now be logged into your e-miles account and will see your 100 e-miles in your account balance.  The 500 MileagePlus award miles will be credited directly to your MileagePlus account.  I can’t see where it gives a time frame though.  My guess would be 6 – 8 weeks but I don’t know for sure as the terms and conditions don’t state it.

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for the 500 MileagePlus® award miles, you must activate your e-Miles account before midnight on 6/30/2013. To activate your e-Miles account you must read and respond to six (6) third party offers.*

After activating your e-Miles account, your United MileagePlus award miles will be automatically deposited into your MileagePlus account.

This offer is for new e-Miles members only. Membership is only available to residents of the United States and its territories. If you live outside of these regions and have received this email, we apologize for any inconvenience.

*e-Miles profile survey offers do not count toward account activation.

Every ad you view earns you e-Miles miles that can be deposited into your United MileagePlus® account.

Be sure to sign up all your family members and earn these FREE 500 United miles for everyone’s MileagePlus account.  ENJOY!


3 thoughts on “500 FREE UNITED MILES FROM E-MILES”

  1. Well at least this is a lot easier that those free 500 Lufthansa Miles for the email promotion. Besides, I don’t trust Lufhansa. I signed up for the Miles and More with a bonus signup of 2000 miles last year. When I went to verify about my missing miles after several weeks went by the res agent said the promotion never existed. (Though I signed up on Lufthansa’s website.) I couldn’t make any headway with the res agent, even after I requested he check with his supervisor. No go. I had a similar problem with ANA recently. Wow….the two former Axis counterparts didn’t keep their word about a promotion. I would never trust Lufthansa or ANA at all. They are treacherous!

  2. I signed up for this on 6/29 and there wasn’t six 3rd party offers to respond to as it says in the conditions. I didn’t get more offers to respond to until a couple days later. I wonder if this means I didn’t qualify…

    1. @Samuel – I wouldn’t think that is necessarily the case. In my experience they just add offers randomly and you will get an email indicating that e-miles offers are available in your account. Once you’ve done the 6, your miles will take probably 6 – 8 weeks before you see them posted in your United account.

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