50,000 Thank You Points – Citibank

Citi ThankYou Premier Credit Card
Breaking news!  Citibank has just launched a new
Citi Thank You Premier card that offers a 
50,000 Thank You Points ($665 Value & 1st Year Fee Waived)
after $2,500 minimum spend in 3 months.

1 Thank You point for 1.33 cents worth of travel 
50,000 Thank You points can be redeemed for $665 towards travel expenses. 

( a 33% bonus over the regular redemption level of 1 Thank You point = 1 cent).
  • $665 if you redeem Thank You points for travel
  • $500 if you redeem Thank You points for gift cards

These points would be perfect to use when you can’t redeem you miles or just take the $500 in gift cards.  Daraius at Million Mile Secrets writes more about the benefit of this card.  I am not as familiar with Thank You points.  You can read more about these points here: Thank You Points

Here is a few tips from my brief reading about Thank You Points
  • If you would like to receive cash, 50,000 points will give you $300
  • If you take a prepaid Citi Visa, 50,000 points will give you $400
  • There are tons of retailers you can purchase items from
  • You can book air, hotel, cruises, etc. with their service using your points
  • Gift cards available for many dining, electronics, entertainment, gas & retail vendors
  • You can use your points to make payment on your Citibank mortgage
  • You can get credit on your Citibank statement for charges made

Looks like this card offers  BIG money for a small minimum spend.  There are many easy ways to meet minimum spends quickly.  To get some ideas, read my Ways to Meet Minimum Spends under Resources.


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