Eearn 50,000 Club Carlson points during the Radisson Big Night Giveaway for staying 1 night at a participating Radisson or Radisson Blue.

Well, folks one of the hottest hotel promotions from last year is coming back, theRadisson Big Night Giveaway.   There are a lot of bloggers and travelers buzzing with excitement over this promotion.  Generally, the Miles Momma blog only covers deals that require no travel to earn miles or points but with really hot promos like this I want to be sure my readers are in the loop.  You might be planning a trip and can work a Radisson stay into your itinerary.  Or you may just try to find a dirt cheap room and give it as a gift to a friend who needs a hotel night.  I’m not planning any trips during the promotion time period but I’m already checking rates for the cheapest night at the Radisson Santa Maria which is 30 minutes from my home town.  You will be able to register for the promotion on May 15ht at 12:01 CDT.  Last year only the first 100,000 people to register were eligible.  The promotion did not hit 100,000 for many weeks though.  I can not confirm the it will be for sure a 100,000 with only the landing page up right now,   We will know soon though.  If you are interested though I would stay up and register just after midnight because this promotion did receive a great deal of publicity last year and may have many more interested travelers this year.

Well, if you aren’t familiar with Club Carlson points then you might not understand how valuable these points are.  Let me show you a real life person example.  For starters, Club Carlson brand is worldwide.  In my opinion the best use and redemption of these points is for international travel.  You can use your 50,000 Club Carlson points to stay at the highest end properties Club Carlson offers or you can do what I did.  If you read me often, you know I love to stretch my miles and points out.  In January of this year I took and combine the points in my husband’s account & my account which each had 50,000 points from last year’s promotion.  You can transfer points to any family member with NO COST.  This must be done over the phone.  There is no online option to transfer points.  So now I had 100,000 Club Carlson points in my account.  I booked a 6 night stay for myself & my mother-in-law in Prague at the Prague Park Inn.  The cost was 15,000 points per night, Category 2.   Now this is no Starwood property or Ritz Carlton but we don’t need that.  We need something clean, comfortable and close to the sites which this meets all those requirements.  We aren’t going to be spending much time in our hotel as you can imagine.  We will probably leave there in the early morning and not return to late at night.  Now, you if you want to figure the actually cost here is the break down.

2 Paid Radisson Stays

1 night @$98.91
1 night @$75.23

Keep in mind though that I didn’t buy these points.  My family stayed 2 nights, paid $174.14 and also receive 100,000 Club Carlson points, 50,000 points for my account and 50,000 points for my hubby’s account.  Sweet deal if you ask me!  So basically $174.14 paid for 2 nights in California, plus 6 nights in Prague with 10,000 points left to spare.  How about that!  Now are you seeing the value of this promotion?  I bet you are!   Well, here are the award charts for you to check out below.  Award nights start at only 9,000 points.  Some great locations for only 9,000 points, like Tallin, Estonia or St. Petersburg, Russia or Beijing, China.
























Free Award Nights

  • Award nights starting at 9,000 Gold Points® with no blackout dates on standard rooms.
  • Pay with Points + Cash for an award night starting at 5,000 Gold Points.

Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

Vacation Savings



  • Exchange Gold Points for airline miles with more than 20 airlines.

PayPal Deposits

  • Redeem Gold Points for PayPal deposits (US dollars) that can be used to pay for goods and services online.












Well, in my opinion the best option of redemption of these points is for hotel award nights.  You can by far gain so much value from this redemption.  The Paypal option is kind of a cool feature but the 50,000 points would not even give you $100.  Transferring to airline miles only gives you 8,000 miles.  Not good at all!

Well, stay tuned for more updates as this promotion starts and is going on.  Should be a really fun one!

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Sign up through this link and receive 4,500 FREE Carlson Carlson points.  This is a targeted link to E-reward customers that has been circulating around for many months.  That being said, when you register through this link it never asks you for your E-rewards number or anything of that nature.   Even if you aren’t going to participate in the Big Night Giveaway, sign up for a Club Carlson account and grab these FREE 4,500 Club Carlson points. 


  1. Am I correct in thinking that we need to wait until we participate in the Big Night Giveaway promo on May 15 before making reservations that will give us the big point bonuses of that promotion? Specifically, I am thinking of our trip to Phoenix from June 4-8 and I want to get the big points bonuses from the Big Night Giveaway for a stay at the Country Inn, but I should not make reservations until after May 15, right? Thanks for the clarification. XOXO

  2. I don’t have a hard answer for that questions because there is no terms and conditions posted on the promotion site yet. My best educated guest is that is doesn’t matter when the reservation is made. You earn the bonus based upon your stay and not when you made the reservation. I am really hoping this is in face the case because I had to book a reservation for my hubby on May 16th and I had to do it in advance to be sure I allowed time to get a BRG. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. I’ll be reading the terms and conditions May 15th @ 12:01 am when the promo goes live. I’ll report back! If you have to register prior to making a reservation, I guess I’ll have to try and cancel my reservation and re-book but without the BRG rate. That wouldn’t be good though because the rack rate was $149 and I got it BRG at $77 for the Radisson LAX.

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