Here is another great card from Chase offering 50,000 Bonus Points after a $3,000 minimum spend, no annual fee for the first year.  You can use these points hotels, airfare, car, etc. or you transfer to several different airline or hotel programs or better yet just get CASH sent to you in a check.  Then you can do whatever you like.  50,000 = $500.00.  What a great sign up bonus!

Recently, a target offer for 100,000 Points began circulating and may of us called and asked for a “BUMP”.  A bump is asking the lender to match the same sign up offer they are currently offer other customers.  May people (myself included) have been successful in receiving the extra 50,000 points to our account.

I applied 6/20.  Was approved over the phone 6/21.  Sent a secured message online through Chase ( I have other Chase accounts) requesting them to give me the currrent promo of 100,000.  6/22 received confirmation that they would offer the extra points as a gesture of “goodwill” and BOOM the points posted that morning.  WOW!  WOW!  $1,000
As many bloggers are posting it seems that since Tuesday many people are being declined the “BUMP”.  It is still a very good offer for the 50,000 thus I am posting it here.  Though I did not apply until I heard about the 100,000 offer since I already have other Chase accounts and we not sure if they would approve another for me.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to emai me.  Good luck!

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