I posted about this last year but thought I’d post again to remind any new readers.  If you have a AMEX tied to Membership Rewards and you don’t have the extended pay option on your card this promo is for you; keep reading.  All you need to do is go to the link and enroll your card for this option.  There is no cost or fee.  It simply allows you to pay for large purchases over time instead of them being due right away.  Click on the link below and grab your FREE 5,000 Membership tRewards points today!
I did this back in December and my points did not post yet.  I called tonight to check on them.  I was told that I was enrolled but the Membership Rewards dept. was not open to discuss the where the 5,000 points were.  I will follow up with them on Monday and post the results.  As with many promotions, you have to be diligent about keeping good records, following up and just being persistent sometimes.  I don’t worry to much about AMEX though because they really do care about their customers.  I think they have thee best customer service of any lender out there.  

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