Grab 5,000 FREE miles with Etihad Airways.  Sign up with BusinessConnect, Etihad loyalthy programme and your account will receive 5,000 bonus miles just for registering.  SIGN UP HERE for free!

NOTE: Your company can redeem the miles for free flights, upgrades, thousands of items from Etihad rewards shop or even convert them into cash via PointsPay.

Check out where Etihad Airways flies.  Don’t worry it’s not just the Middle East.  They also fly many routes in Europe, Asia, India, Africa, Australia, and America.

Also, another important piece of information to know is that Etihad Airways allows Family membership and pooling of miles together in a family account.  You can nominate a head family member and add 8 family members.  Details and registration here.

I’m not sure if these bonus miles will go under your personal Etihad Guest Number or stay in a business account.  If they did get credited to your personal Etihad Guest Number, you could enroll other family members and pool the miles together.

One last detail; this offer requires you to upload your EIN number (Employer Identification Number) during the registration.  This is the first time I’ve ever come across a business loyalty program asking for this info.  Very interesting!  So if you don’t have a EIN, I don’t know that you would be able to enroll, or maybe you can just upload a copy of your SS#.  Not sure you’d want to do that.  Anyway, just wanted to make you aware about this strange requirement.  I registered and submitted my application with my social security number and did not upload a pdf image.  Just to test the system to see if those without a EIN can register for this promotion.  I do have a EIN number myself for Miles Momma but wanted to be able to report back to you all on this promotion.  I received a confirmation email telling me I would be receiving an email shortly regarding my registration status.  So watch for an update here soon from me.



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