500 AIR CANADA (Aeroplan) MILES


To earn 500 free Air Canada (Aeroplan) miles, you just have to join A|Club hotel program and select Air Canada (Aeroplan) as your preferred loyalty program.
Here are the steps to follow:

1. Join A|Club member, use this link to get free Gold Member Status by 1/15/12. 
2. Log on to your new account.  Click on “My account“, then click “My profile“.  Now click “update profile”.  Now scroll to the bottom of the page under  “Your A|Club reward options” click “Option 2”.  Now select “Air Canada” as you preferred airline.  Input your Air Canada frequent flyer number and click add.  Now click “Confirm” to times to reconfirm the previous information you entered when setting up your profile when you joined.  Now your profile has been updated to earn Air Candad (Aeroplan) miles and you should receive you 500 bonus miles.

That is it, should take you five minutes.  Simple as that!

If you are already a member, you can still earn the bonus miles by doing step 2 & 3.


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