Well, I was shot down for my sixth Chase card this year which was for the 50,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards card.  No more love from Chase; at least for this year.  I was told that I have received beyond the maximum cards allowed in a year.  The Chase representative told me they usually allow three per year.  This years scores: United – 50k, Continental – 50k, British Airways – 100k, Chase Sapphire 100k, and Marriott 70k.  Not a bad year!  The Southwest Rapid Rewards would have been the cherry on top.  I didn’t think I would get it but figured it was worth a shot and I was willing to give up a few points on my credit score.  I should have some inquires falling off in early 2012.  Remember your inquires fall off your credit report when they are 2 years old.  Just thought I’d pass this info on to you all if you are wondering how many cards Chase allows.  So it seems, at least in my experience, that five cards per year is the max.  Has anyone received more than 5?  If so, please share you experience.

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